Crushes: Arimura Kasumi


images-91At first, of course, I don’t really notice her other than as young Haruko in Amachan. After that, I just don’t like her. I mean her face, not that really kawaii.. Compare to other stars, like Tsuchiya Tao, or Hirose Suzu or even Kiritani Mirei. Despite her young age, hmmm nothing that stand out except her fish eyes looks. hehe
Oh yes, even in Jdrama, she has few hits, although she is kind a fixture but not that lead role except for this past year and forward. Even in gravure, well, hmmmm nah.hehe

But one thing stands out, like I discovered in some jdramas like SPEC or in Amachan, is her acting. She is a very versatile actress. I mean she act that naive cute girl, or the tough one, or how about the frustrated actress in Jossy’s. hehe I like that one then her biggest hit, Biri Gal, that one, I can say, she nailed the role and should been a best actress award but not in Japan Academy. Then after that, I watched I am Hero then I can say, she’s getting better.

Plus she will be given another Asadora but this time, the lead!
Of course her jdramas now, she is now either lead supporting or lead, so not bad right? Plus add that very nice name. hahaha

I’m looking forward to other roles she will take and I hope she can a bit or let’s say little fatter. haha Or hmmm more exposure right? At least give her well, films that she is a lead. I can say, she might keep up with Nikaido Fumi a little bit more. So there, yeah I think her acting edge kinda beats up with the other ones I mentioned above. hahaha

Can’t wait for Hiyokko! =)



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