Ring! Ring!

(Mckinley, Last part)

Well, without those negative stuff or factors working here I think it’s the best BPO location. Here are my points.

First the proximity of each building. I mean, the closest was Eastwood City (same developer of Mckinley) but yeah, this place kinda beat out Eastwood. I mean, for example when you go down or go out from a building, you just walk across the street and you have the mall and other high dining restos. Yes, don’t forget the convenient stores below!

If you live in the high end village there, then it’s only like 5 minutes walk to other offices! 10 minutes if your office is located in the entrance of Mckinley. It means everywhere can be reached by foot. Literally. Unlike the BGC/Fort, that you need to be running or worse, ride a cab to transfer one office to another. Hassle!

Second, the kind of offices/BPO offices located here. I mean most of the locations I discussed has like 60% more third party BPO offices than in house offices. Worse, in other cities, it’s like 90% third party offices, namely like Centris!

Here, most of the offices are inhouse ones. The better ones. If you are starting out in the BPO industry and planning to go inhouse, first look at this place! If you can live with the distance of course and flooding. hahaha Look at the names of the offices mentioned here, most of them are well known brands.

Lastly, the set up of the business plaza. Unlike other locations, as you can see, it’s not that high rise set up. It has the balance of urban, nature and high end community. I think there is no building here that rises above 10 storey high. Plus you can see a bit of trees and green scenery. Add yeah, the looks of a high end community. The village plus the new mall with high end restos at night then add Blue leaf.. So this place, definitely worth a try to work or if you have the money and effort, stay here. hahaha I mean, if you want bigger shopping place, then simply go to BGC which is just 15-20 mins away by car or 30 mins by jeep. FX commute is no problem, as long you know their schedule and the place of their terminal. Add the round the clock security, it’s a safe place to go at night, as long you are inside here. Not outside of Mckinley.

If I only live near there, I’ll definitely work in this place. I know others say it’s overhyped or overrated, but look the whole picture of this place. It’s cool right? I mean, it’s not crowded like Makati or Ortigas, or it’s not even easier like BGC/Fort. It’s way safer than Manda/Shaw or QC. Besides with the proximity and access, I think it’s the best BPO location for now here in Manila or maybe in the country. You can debate on me on that because I haven’t seen the other provinces. haha

For me, despite not making it in here, I still like and looking forward to visit here again. =)


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