Japan Academy Prize Best Actress 2015

By the way, thanks for Asianwiki.com for the list and of course, it’s accurate. hehe

Anyway, to start this off, please look below for the list.

Outstanding Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Award Winner: Rie Miyazawa (“Pale Moon”)miyazawa-rie

Sakura Ando (“0.5mm”)download-2
Chizuru Ikewaki (“The Light Shines Only There”)chizuru-ikewaki
Mao Inoue (“The Snow White Murder Case]”)download-3
Fumi Nikaido (“My Man”)watashi-no-otoko-hana-fumi-nikaido-in-the-snow
Sayuri Yoshinaga (“Cape Nostalgia”)cape-nostalgia-2
Rie Miyazawa (“Pale Moon”)

As you know, after following Japanese Eiga or Eega (movies), I’m also following this Japan Academy Awards. It’s like Oscars, most prestigious yet scorned because of the selection. I did watch one ceremony and all I can say, it’s weird. Especially, the part which they interview each nominee. I mean, I don’t think you need to interview them especially the actress/actor is feeling anxious on waiting for the result? So desu ne…

When I saw this list, my first reaction was, are you kidding me? This is unbelievable!

Anyway, that year was one of the most tight race I think in their Academy history. As you see, all of them are premier actresses. From the veteran ones, past winners and young darkhorses. Wow, it’s like all of them were winners. I could say that especially I watched them all. Except for Cafe Nostagia because the story was like quite familiar and I know Yoshinaga-san’s acting. hehe And yes, every year, she get’s nominated. Every year!

Let me say, one thing is for sure for this list.. All perfrmances were great for their respective films! Fumi chan was damn hot and very fantastic acting in her film. I think, it’s the best from her. It was also the most daring as well. As for Mao – chan, wow, from daring Rebirth, to this one, I can say it’s impressive due to the fact that she needs to act 2-3 types of her same character. If you watch the film, you will understand what I mean.

Among the nominess, Chizuru-chan’s portrayal was the most daring of all. Not only that, it was most heart wrecthing due to her character’s depression and difficult life.

Sakura chan was the most surprising performance among the nominees. She was always into indie flicks and not really into mainstream unless supporting roles. This film I think started to get her noticed. It was great and I can say she’s the runner up.

Miyazawa san’s performance? Simply fantastic coupled with the film did for her, which I’ll explain below. Her performance really fit with the character and the film itself. Not too much and even lacking something plus very daring for her age. Wow. Her daring performance though puts below Fumi and Chizuru.

If that’s the case, I mean if all the performances were great, the remaining factor left was if the films they represented helped. The films they were included into, did do well.

Of course, the lowest was Cape Nostalgia, I fell asleep after previewing it even a great cast. Second lowest, not really bad, I mean it’s a great film. The Snow White Murder Case was a great film. The twist and turns of the story with an great cast, made this film a good watch. However, compare what Mao chan did with other actresses? As the film was like for general audiences, Mao’s performance is subtle compared from other daring performances.

Nikaido Fumi’s risky performance paid well but for the film itself did not help. The first half of the film was great, slow burning pace and erotic. It has a very compelling and controversial subject shown but when second half came in, I became slower and crazy then I hoped if they just stayed as it was like in the first half. It was confusing until the end.

Ikewaki Chizuru’s performance in The Light only Shines There was fantastic. Even it’s daring and dark, but it was fulfilling.. I was touched by her character’s strong will and weaknesses.
However, the problem with the film? Ayano Go’s performance. It kinda of dragged the film, I hoped other actors did it. I was surprised Suda Masaki was not nominated neither. He and Chizuru were the driving forces of this great sombering film. If a good actor fit with Chizuru’s performance as that was the important factor in this film, then there might be a chance she won.

0.5 mm has a weird premise and flow of the story. I mean who will like to watch a film about a nurse who cons older men after she was fired from her job. After 2 and a half hours, I got hooked! I was satisfied and fulfilled. I was surprised that it was a great film. Add to that surprising good cast, especially Sakura’s real life father in law, I mean what can you ask for? Very intriguing yet satisfying performance. The only thing I think bothered with the film was the plot of the first victim then in the end, there was still a connection to it. I think they could have end a different way or they could change it better but overall I was impressed with Sakura and started to follow her films or TV.

Miyazawa Rie’s performance was great! Paper Moon was fantastic. Before watching it, I just thought of seeing why Rie san won in this race. After watching it, now I understand why she did not get the award herself. hehe I think among the films here, without Eternal Zero of course, was the best. I mean from a simple drama, transforming into a great thriller until the last minute. What made Rie’s performance great was how her character transformed while the story goes. Can you believe a simple loving wife transformed into a great fraudster? Then the pace was perfect, include some interesting supporting characters. I’m still guessing how her character will survive. hehe Her transformation helped a bit winning the award plus a great film. I think if she played just a bit less in her character or let’s say the film was not that good, the winner could be Ando or Ikewaki. haha

Well, it was indeed a great race for all of them and for those who did not win.. They could come back. Look what Sakura did! After this race, the next year, she won in a landslide victory despite popular actresses fighting in the same award.
For others, we hope they could come back and win such as Fumi chan and Chizuru san. Others, they don’t need to as they won already!

Can’t wait for the 2017 nominees!

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