Flashbacks: Weblio

While writing this piece, in 10 mins I’ll be meeting my student who is preparing for his oral examination next month. We have been doing this for the past week. Wow, I have a regular student.

Yes, for the past 6 months I was silent about my new endeavor. Not only that, I can say, it’s a refreshing endeavor and like a discovery! I think I should be thankful that I was a SME for a short time in CVG. That work gave me confidence and skill to teach.

I still remember how I ended up here. First I applied to a Japanese english online company, and after the screening, I failed. Darn, they told me in the feedback that I need to improve my grammar and shorten my answer. Very tough but well, it’s fine with me. Another application I tried, but due to weird technical difficulties, I did not make it and much worse, the one who interviewed me was the Japanese Hiring Manager.

Bad luck seems never end when I applied to another japanese english teaching school, yes, this was the annoying ad online. I tried it and long and behold, after 2 attempts, I got a reply saying sorry, blah blah blah.

Then, I almost thought going office based or yes, tried that famous english online school for chinese. I submitted an application and ready to be interviewed.
But, I saw this company by just googling it. I gave it a try and I was nervous. Nervous because this might be my last shot. I read some reviews about Chinese students comparing to Japanese ones and it’s like talking to irate customer. No offense, but talking to Chinese in customer services, you need some a bit of imagination and translation.

So I sent my application to this company and after a few days, I received the interview schedule next day. The email told me it’s an initial interview. 2 days later, the day has come!

Yes, I wore my long blue sleeves with the pants, just to show I’m prepared like in a formal interview in an office.

Well, the trainer called me and it was a fun interview. The only difference with this one and a normal interview is convenience. I’m at home, and it helps easing the anxiety. Although I can do that in a normal interview setting, but some factors might affect my confidence. I’m more relaxed here I can say.

After that, she advised me to finish a very mind wrecking quiz online before I do my demo lesson. Well the quiz was bout your english knowledge plus company’s policies and rules. It took me like 4 hours reading and finishing the quiz!

I got my demo lesson schedule next day and I was advised to be prepared. Demo lesson came, and I gave my best shot. I was more prepared this time than the previous applications I did. But I was a bit confident this time. Well, they did some interview afterwards and advised me to wait for an email. I felt that it’s 50/50. To be honest, I’m preparing for that english school online for the Chinese…

But God is good, I got the email and I can start teaching! hahaha They have some requirements and it’s tedious at first but it’s fine. The tax status changes were difficult, geez, it’s like its better to be working in a company. I went like 3 RDO’s just to fix my status.

That’s the only gripe I have when it comes to the requirements. Thanks to CVG’s BDO payroll, getting my salary was a breeze even I want to get rid of it. It’s BDO and I have a lot of problems with them, that’s why..

Yes, I have no teaching experiences before. SME is giving training or coaching but not teaching. The last time I taught was for Algerro and my niece, for school subjects. I don’t know if they did learn from me. hahaha

I was nervous and add to that, I have no idea how to get more students. After 2 days, I got my first student, he just graduated HS but has good accent, almost neutral. Then, we conducted a lesson, I just follow the directions in the website I’ve read and after that… I was surprised, I can teach a little bit. hahaha I have no training from this company but after a long time and by getting more students, I learned by myself with the help of course from this company. I like how you can just send an email and they will answer right away next day.

You can’t get that in any normal company. hehe Oh there was one, Dell! But others? Hell no.

I like, how you schedule your classes. Just be careful cancelling classes that are booked! Very hurting in your pay and stats. hahaha

Payslip also was great, I mean get the idea what’s your pay in advance then get the pay later. But it’s only once a month. It’s hard!!! hahaha That’s the only negative thing I have with their pay.
Great thing I’m experiencing in this endeavor, a closer encounter with Japanese people. I don’t deny that through these years, my liking to Japan grows and what a way to know them better. hahaha That’s for another post. Its just sad that due to inability to speak english, they were left behind in global trends or economy. I mean not bad being number 3 in the world, but one of the factors hindering them going after China or US is really english.

Who is to blame? That’s in another post as well, watch that out. =)

Weblio I know, they are just new in this industry but I can say, they will stay long. Especially for the premium tutors team!!! hahahaha I mean, with their support, easy to conduct materials plus the students, what else can I ask for? If it’s pay, then I can just be open my slots for the whole day. hahaha But the flexibility of how many you can work thing here is just great. They are very flexible! There were days that I don’t feel teaching the whole day, then take a off, no need to wait for your TL or workforce approval. Do that in the floor and your fired. hahaha If you want to teach more, then go!

Some interesting bonus things I learned, I can’t believe I can make friends out of this. Well, not really close friends but I know that if I go to Japan or visit, as they say, just remind them and they will help me for accomodations or tour. Wow, that’s pretty nice. That’s why I want to save a trip going to Japan. hahaha You’ll know a lot of them in detail, fashion, personality, more gossips especially in politics. hehe How school works or even kaisha (company) works. What places to go or food that you can try, which I hate! When they tell this food, it makes me hungry! haha

And yes, I don’t care if you believe me.. I’m a follower of Jpop or Japanese celebrities, but I can say, some of the students looks the same with the celebrities or if you are lucky, better!
You’ll see first hand as well, their age magic. Unbelievable. Magnificent. I always ask them how do you look cheating their ages, and they can’t even give me an answer.

Damn! hahahaha

Oh please, if you want to experience these, then try! For those interested, go to this link. https://weblioph.com/

Ah, I won’t get any referral bonus for this. hehe Just a tip, for the first 1-2 months, it’s hard to earn, so you really need to save before you resign in your current job. Better yet, work on this as part time and slowly leave your full time work.
Most benefits that you get working at home are priceless. Very priceless!
I want to thank the Weblio team for all the support even at times that I failed due to power failure or internet crap. hahaha But great team support and everything you need.

The students! It’s really warms my heart, after each lesson you say thank you with a smile or laughing. I mean having fun learning. The other tutors, although I don’t talk to them, hahaha but thanks for being part in here especially in the premium team.

Damn, students were surprised about my knowledge in Japan. It helps to make my lessons easy and fun.

So that’s another tip, thanks newsonjapan.com, rocketnews, tokyohive and aramajapan, and other japanese websites that I can’t mention because they just too many..

Domo arigato gozaimasu Weblio!

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