broken lines (collection 71)

I’m happy when I finish something,
I’m joyful with everything is done.

I’m happy when I was able to overcome hardship.
I’m joyful when I did not encounter problems after I execute.

I’m happy when I want something.
I’m joyful when I got something I need.

I’m happy when time passes fast.
I’m joyful when time fading so slow.

I’m happy when I’m not doing something.
I’m joyful when I accomplished something.

I’m happy when I pray and ask something good from Him.
I’m joyful when He imposed his will.

I’m happy when I’m with somebody close.
I’m joyful when I’m with somebody very close and few.

I’m happy when I’m close to my family and friends.
I’m joyful when I’m so far away.

I’m happy when I’m sad.
I’m joyful even in the difficult moments.

I’m happy that all these struggles will pass.
I’m joyful always, when there is hope.

I’m happy when somebody tells me what to do.
I’m joyful when somebody says you are doing well on your own!

I’m happy I said a lot here.
I’m joyful that I finished writing for this time. =)


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