KCON 2016: Moving Forward

(Part 2)

Seeing 4th impact earlier in Wowowin won a car, for free, they should thank God for performing in KCON. hehe

Anyway, Saturday was a big day for me as 3 speakers that I’m looking forward into. Darn, I missed the plenary talk of Sis Rissa. hahaha It’s been a long time I haven’t see her talk.

So, first talk was done by none other than Anthony Pangilinan. it has been 5 years ago I saw him in the KCON leadership day conference. When I heard him talked about that time, I was moved and got excited. I vowed that when there was another chance to see him again, I’ll take that class. I don’t care what he will talk about. hahaha After listening to him, it was not better than before or even worse, but it was simply magnificent talk. He made it fun, serious and moving talk about moving forward thru leadership. This time, he made fun about Gary V only once but about his family, he really gave a glimpse about his life and used it as a reference for his talk. His talk is powerful yet fun. I can say his talks is a very consistent yet powerful one. Also, it became more interactive. He is asking audiences about their feeling in his talks.
I hope he can do more of his talks in the conference in the future!

Second talk, I choose this because last year, I missed his plenary talk and many said his very good. Thank God, I was given another chance this year. hehe Fr. Dave despite his serious looks and topic discussed, he made it lighter plus fun too. His talk about imagining with unimaginable God, please correct me if I’m wrong.. hahaha It was tough but I found it easier now. I mean our faith these days has always tested. For me, I’m not only tested but struggled. What Fr. Dave did was to drive those fears or anxious moments in our faith that made it complicated. I am just touched on how he presented his simple talk and reassured that whatever good things we do or what we pray, it’s always God’s will that will answer. Darn, I hope his talk was longer. That same goes to almost all speakers. hehe

Last talk for the day, I was pretty curious. I saw apprentice asia before and yes, the first winner was a Filipino. He’s name is Jonathan Yabut, I just want to hear his story. Honestly, I was lost where his talk will be. I went to a room and it’s Bro Arun talking with a youth camp plus family. Geez, so I went downstairs and yeah I found this talk. Surprisingly, there were many seats available at front. I like my premium ticket. hehe I thought many will go to his talk but I think the apprentice asia has few pinoy viewers. hahaha
Anyway, so I like his flow of the talk, from his humble beginnings, then transitioned to his college life, then corporate life as well. I like how he said about performing and getting well with the other people in the corporate world. I did experience that kind of pressure except I don’t really need to pressure to get a promotion. I’m after survival you see. hehe But anyhow, due to time constraints, he discussed less about his experience in the apprentice asia but wow, he gave some good insights and tips to it, like really working to outsmart everybody there. That’s the reason why he did not always volunteer to be a project manager because he work smart. I mean if you have confidence to lead a project all the time, why not? But if not and you are in a competition, don’t push yourself that hard. Let other people do the work, then when needed, show yourself up to the challenge.

Simply that’s what he did, and look to him now. He won.. hahaha I hope he gave some trive or gossip about the other contestants. Although it was a good talk, it did not push me to buy his book. hehe
Saturday was done, Sunday was coming.
I chose the morning session as I just hate the night traffic, even in a Sunday but not coming from MOA. Never..

Due to some stupidity and laziness, I was late for 30 minutes for the grand feast. Thank God, my calculations were correct. hehe Although I missed the early part of the mass, I still able to manage finishing the mass.

The Grand Feast was simple yet inspirational. What I mean was, unlike before that it was long, very crowded yet moving plus fun. This time, they trimmed out the performances, just one extra performance coming from 4th impact. Bro. Bo calls them 4th power. hahaha Anyway that group always perform in KCON. I think 2011, then 2014 I guess then this year. Wow, despite a lot of name changes, they still do one great thing. Great singers! Powerful yet very pleasing to the ears. I think they can do on their careers as they own, like separating each other but I guess they just stick as a group. Despite the hiccups in their first performance, they came back great at their second and final performance!

After that rousing number, the main worship started and what’s special this year was it’s inspiring. For me, with a lot of things happened then confusion and frustration, I felt God spoke to me this time. That was amplified not only with the talk but also with the sharing part. Wow, that sharing part should really be included in the regular feast. Just one sharing from a witness of God’s grace, even a short time. I think they removed that due to, ehem time constraints and big attendance.

But anyway, after Bro. Bo’s talk and the sharing, I found at that special moment, I fully realized, I just need to follow what I want to do. Whether in my life, I was back and forth, running circles, putting myself in a ton of pressure or confusing myself as well.. I failed as well for many times and still I felt it again.

But what keeps me going, is moving forward, be grateful and yes, coming closer to God. Especially Jesus, who I can say, my savior, redeemer and shepherd. Always. But I think this time, I should add one thing, action. Although I do that in most of my work, but action for the things I want to implement and achieve.

When I closed my eyes and sang, prayed.. Then looking all things happened in the past, present and in the future, I feel something good will happen. I think my plans, some of them will go into fruition. He might surprise me this time. Oh please God, not the bad thing please. Make it, pleasant this time! =)
I went home at lunch time refreshed and hungry. I did not eat breakfast as you see. hahaha

I can say this KCON was like 1st or 2nd best, not only because of almost all the speakers or classes I’ve attended were fantastic but how they were on time, schedule and orderly. Except on that one time I moved from meeting room 1 to Function Room 5, that was chaotic. hahaha I should thank all the volunteers for being helpful and seeing them smile even in that busy day, it is always fun going to KCON. For the leaders, builders, organizers and even yeah, the concessionaire who I did not see! haha I should have tried that instead going to other food restos just to eat. I think they fixed that problem that every KCON, you should eat first before going there because it’s hard to eat. Especially when you are in MOA, it’s chaos at lunch time and yes, dinner time as well.
The speakers who lent their time and lessons, very inspiring, motivating and fun at the same time.

I hope they’ll change one thing next time, if you are buying a ticket, I hope they allow holders to choose what session they will be in the grand feast. I know in the PM session there might be bonus performances or surprises but going home from that session? It’s tiring and yes, traffic!!! Unlike in the AM session, it’s refreshing and uplifting then going home relaxed. It’s my point of view but if others find it easier in the PM session, then fine. But for me, who attended like 6 KCONs, it’s always crazy when I’m going home at night. That’s why, risking not going to plenary talks at PM time it’s sad for me but worth it. Good thing, some of the speakers there, I knew how they perform. hehe

Yes, another thing, I noticed they have 2 plenary talks in those first 3 days, I hope, they can do it just once like before and more classes. It was ok but due to my preference and yes, the trouble at night, it will help if they have more talks. I don’t care the stress going home as long I did have good talks before I go home. =)
I’m now moving Forward!

Next year? Hmmmmmmm At the back of my head, this might be the last.

Whatever. hahaha

Something coming forward. It might be..


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