KCON 2016: Moving Forward

(Part 1)

Wow, I believe, this is the best KCON. For now. hehe For 6 years, KCON for me its becoming a retreat. More than a conference, I felt it’s a way to remove stress or a relaxing time of the year of chaos. It’s single damn year.

First day, well, I had a lot of errands to do so I missed the class which I am looking forward to because of Chinkee Tan. I saw him once on TV and he’s pretty in demand. Unfortunately, I had miscalculated my things to do and I ended up missing his class. It was a busy day and I even missed the opening program. Yeah, I did that for the next 2 days. hahaha

So I went in late for the first class in that day, which was a special class. It was about how money works in the bonds, or equities market. Although it was very technical and the least favorite class I experienced in this conference.. I still enjoyed it. I hoped he’s my professor in my finance class in college! hahaha With his advise, I think I know where to put money in the short term money market. Thanks for the tip!

Second class was well, you guessed it right, money again! It’s about how money works for you. Although I have a hindsight what they will discuss, I had a glimpse how mutual funds works in short term and mid term. So I know now, where to put for short term and mid term, I mean my savings. If there is any. hahaha But soon, I will.. =) Damn, college finance subjects, sucks! hahaha

Then, the last plenary talk of the day. This was special. I think, I’ll exchange this than the other plenary talks I missed. I forgot his name, but I won’t forgot his position, Deacon. Oh God, that’s why black men are good in preaching, it’s powerful. Straight to the point and powerful! His sharing and insights were motivating especially on what he did. I was moved and roaring inside my heart, I can relate to him and he’s damn right… =)

Second day, Friday! Of course, I missed the plenary talk in the morning! Good job! hahaha

Anyway, well I strolled around MOA and yes, killing some time, looking at the best gadgets, and even the foods they offer. Wow, MOA does offer a lot of food choices. Still I just don’t like this place. I don’t want even staying a long time here. hehe I ate at the budget place in the hypermarket. I loved the new path they made from SMX to the terminal area. I won’t even need to go out in that hot area.

After lunch break, I went to the first class.. I chose Dean Pax. Wow, I mean, this fantastic dean, should be the UST college of commerce dean. Or if UST can hire him as a professor.. He can discuss business as if his eyes closed. Any part of a business venture or operation, he can discuss it with grace even with some ehem shocking puns to the government and even biggest companies. He has the right to do that. hehe Well, now I read his books and this talk, the only thing I’ll need in the future is a business idea. Other factors, I have no problem with it. hahaha

Second class, this is the highlight of the day. The talk of Fr. Bob about addictions. Wow.. I’m was moved and I can’t believe, all of what he said, it’s happening to me. You know my addiction right? hahaha But I am moving away from it and because of this talk, I’ll make it simpler. More prayer and yes, action! But the pressure of really getting away was gone because of Fr. Bob’s talk. I understand now. =)

Last class of the day, I just curious about this NLP thing. I entered this class with an open mind and there it was. Bro. Jojo Apostol discussed an overview about it and taught one out of the hundred ways of the NLP process. I think I’ll use that anchoring technique for many times. hahaha I was so interested, I bought a book of his. Maybe if I get lucky in the future, I want to enroll in that class. I just realised how mental person I am. Intellectual person is a better word to describe me. I think this NLP its like scientology’s framing, but it’s not like a religion. A good brain or neurology skill. hehe

I did not go to the plenary talk at the evening because of impending traffic. It’s Friday and going home at 6pm, that’s bad news for me! hahaha Good thing I only missed Bro. Obet talk, not because I don’t like him, I know how he conduct his talks. I think those past 5 KCON I attended, gave a glimpse of how the builders talk and I can say it was interesting and fun. Inspiring as well but it depends with the speaker.

Anyway, 2 days have passed…

2 days left and KCON always save the best for last.


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