Eye of the Beholder

I can say, this is my sanctuary. I’m back, alone and pretty much relaxed today. Looking at the ceiling gives me a sense of comfort. No more dripping water from above. No more basins below. It’s looks like before, my college days. It gives me youth perhaps. For a while.

As I wrote before, this room was kinda special. The white color setting, the big cabinets and very big spacious area. Before I can do squats in this room.

Well, that was changed.. After Glenda, everything changed in this room. It’s like a storage room, and doors of the cabinets were loose. White became dirty white. Curtains hasn’t changed, almost dirty. Ceiling, not pure white. Way different than before. Only one thing never changed, the very big space even it’s like a storage room.

I put the bed in the deep corner at the left. I plan to stay that way, hoping new things will arrive.

Looking beyond the window, that big temple outside just irritates me. I just hope they stop doing work. They caused a lot trouble already. For now, when I was looking back people who used this room, what feeling they have?

What they were thinking? Did they looked above as well? Or stayed in the tight corners of the room..

I don’t know if it still relevant for now.
Now what matters is, I’m truly back, in this..



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