I Am Hero

download-1What if one day, while working to survive in your job suddenly changes into something horrifying? How will you survive using your witts, and your long kept shooting rifle?

I was excited in this film because of course, Masami chan is there! hahaha But when I saw the trailer, and the gore, violent shots, I can say, this might be good.

2 hours later, I was impressed despite some few big setbacks. Let’s discuss those first shall we?

First setback was the film kinda slows down after that first frentic act. It became boring and slow, especially when the scenes only entail walking and talking. But after some minutes, there was a good action scene then some parts of talking again and sorts. As long there were talking scenes, it’s kinda slow down.

Last setback was Hiromi’s character development backtracked. I mean, after what happened to her, she kinda became a liability in the story and I hope she has that redeeming scene in the last action scenes but there was none. You will love her character up until, that thing happened to her. I don’t want to spoil. hehe Gomen! I just hope she redeemed herself in the end because it’s a waste.
Enough of the crap! haha All I can say for this film, to sum it up, it’s like Zombieland in a more serious tone. Zombieland was scary and fun. This film was scary and heart wrenching but that will change in the end.

First thing I like was the pace of the story. The development of the story was great. From a mudane life of Hideo up to living up his name, a hero. He is like Jesse Eisenberg’s character in zombieland but more geeky, because of his work. Then Hiromi’s character plus, of course, Nurse Yabu! Darn, I hope she has a long screen time. hahaha I love the scenes where Hideo were struggling on what to do in his attitude and gun. I like how it was presented.

Another thing, I like the cast here! I think its given in a Japanese eiga that cast, whether they have short screen time or supporting role, they give their all. Katase Nana role was shocking, I don’t know if she used a body double. hahaha Then the survivors cast, even Hideo’s working team was kind of surprising. I like how the conflicts arises or even the survival thinking. It’s dramatic and crazy!
Give credits to the director for making very gripping, gory action scenes. It starts when Hideo’s GF getting infected then everybody got crazy. There were moments that I really shouted and it put me on the edge. Wow. Especially the last action scenes, wow, that was scary and suspenseful.

Lastly, the cast. How can I say? Oizumi Yo always delivers, perfect role for him. Damn he trained using that strong rifle. Arimura Kasumi not only still good as HS student role but her performance, very endearing and cool. hehe Masami chan, hmmm I I can say she just need to improve in the action part, but for the dramatic role, it’s given. She’s good and as always, beautiful! hahaha I was hoping that in the first scene she’ll show up!
I hope there will be a sequel to this and I think it’s faithful to the manga as I browsed the story line. So I hope they’ll continue and let’s see how they go to Mt. Fuji to be saved from the virus. If that’s true.

Hideo is a hero!



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