Doctor Strange

Whewds_endless_possibilities_poster, I’m thinking all month long what will I review. I missed doing this instant reviews but I kinda slacked or have some reasons lacking this kind of reviews for the past months, or worse in a year.

Now, that will change! Just for now. Let’s start! I have no idea about this hero. I’m surprised that he’s a hero and a Marvel hero. It’s like Ant Man that I have no idea who he is or why is he even important in the MCU but after watching it, damn he’s important. hehe

That same thought came to this hero. I have zero knowledge who he is, or even why he’s kinda strong as I always see him in the list of Marvel heroes that were favored. But yeah, even in Planet Hulk for example, why he’s in the same level with Tony, Reed then this dude.

Thanks to the trailers and yeah, that strong cast, I kinda gave it a chance. Let’s start!

First let’s discuss the flaws. I have 3 major flaws for this film which almost threw me out or let’s say the movie might not worked if these flaws were big. But great thing, the great things of this film really covered these flaws. First up was the running time. Most of the MCU films or let’s say average time of a MCU flick was 2 hours. I think Ant Man was the shortest before this one. This film I think did not even run for 105 minutes or more, although I noticed this only after watching the film, I hoped they made it a bit longer. There were backstories or scenes I hoped they add and I felt some part of the film, it was very fast. Like for an example, from Dr. Strange fall from grace going to Nepal, that was very short. Or how about his training, the duration of the training or his transformation, it’s almost an instant.

Another flaw, despite some unique story visualization and development, I knew it like even before watching the film, just like what I read in wiki… I knew what they will do, sorry for spoilers.. They taken off the Ancient One fast and another easy main villain demise. Wow. I have no qualms that they have villains like the same with the hero.. Even they announced that they will take away that kind of villains in the future.. But please if they will make the villains clear of their purpose or at least make them live longer or menacing, that’s great! The only 2 villains I liked in MCU were Loki and Red Skull (but I was sad he did not appear again despite 2 more cap america releases). I hope they changed the story or at least, Ancient One will be gone in the sequel or in the future or let’s say she gone weak and not dead. My intuition these days kinda getting accurate.

2 major flaws are enough. First of the great things of the film, the reason why or even included in the real story that the ancient one is dead… The performances of the cast were great! I can’t believe which I think they were pressed of time, assembled great european actors. Cumberbatch, just let him Dr. Strange. I hope he and Robert Downey or Iron Man has like a film together and just talk. No villains or action, it’s like Woody Allen flick that more on dialogue and they are just talking about this and that. Iron Man and Dr. Strange. He nailed it! MCU I think hasn’t failed getting the lead actors as heroes. Tilda Swinton, wow! I don’t care if she had body double for the action scenes but for her role as the ancient one, really fantastic. This is the reason why I was sad that her role gone too soon. It’s like Colin Firth in Kingsman! Damn, I hope there was like a backstory from her and like I said, she shouldn’t be gone too soon. That’s how great her performance be. So, those who said whitewashing, sometimes, give it a chance and look at the performance. If it’s unfit or very bad, that’s the time we bash it. hehe The actor from 12 years from slave was great and I love how his character developed, then Wong as well, even Rachel Mcadams character done good. Not annoying like in Sherlock holmes. Even Scott Adkins, with those action scenes, serves him well. It’s sad there was no dialogue. hehe Even Benjamin Pratt! Wow, that was good despite showing in 2 scenes. Mads Mikkelsen, I agree, I mean he’s a great actor, good but scaring looking villain but yeah, as usual he was written like that. Darn.

Another great thing, it was a strange story and they made it simple to follow. Give credit to the writers that despite complex character of Dr. Strange and the world he is in, they still made it simple. There were scenes that I was not able to follow but not because of the script but the visual spectacle I’m looking at. Great thing they made it simple and fun. Not as funny as hell Ant Man, but this one, a dash of comic relief is just right. Give credit to the cast, from Dr. Strange, Ancient One or even Wong. I’m thinking if this a full british flick, it will be more funny but I think US audience might not get the british funny or sarcastic jokes. Well I think Dr. Strange is not british so there. I just hope it was longer.

Last great thing, while I’m writing, I don’t have the top 5 visually appealing superhero flicks yet but definitely, I’ll put this in the top 5. I’ve never went to watch a superhero flick just for visuals, but after watching this, I think if you want a very fantastic visual superhero flick, you should watch this. If they improved the flaws, I think I’ll watch this again in IMAX. There were times I got lost especially when they were running into that inception setting but it was still great looking. I think, and I agreed, these visual effects, looks expensive and it affected the running time of the film. But I think I’ll forgive them for that, remember this is a risky project for them with a great cast. So they controlled some risks. There are many scenes that I kinda dig it. But the great scene I liked was the first visual scene, I mean when ancient one interacted with Dr. Strange, it’s like watching 2001 or those horror films with that shock scenes… Then he said, was that LSD? hahaha Those visual effects, magic stuff, it looks magnificent.

I think if this shows in the home release, because of the visual effects, I’ll get the big file.

I like the end credits. It’s fun and looking forward to thor 3!

MCU is very good making unknown heroes making it big. Ant Man, Guardians, Netflix’s the defenders, and this one, I realized, as long you know how to present it in a right and good way, I’ll be interested in these unknown heroes. Besides, they are doing this to sell more comics and if lucky, more toys? hahaha

I hope DC follows suit. I’m not into MCU or DC fanboys faction whatever, but I want DC to improve. Please, they are just doing it so fast.. I hope they can slow it down and not be caught up with competition with MCU. I mean they just need to be clear with their films. Build up the heroes into the right way.

Dr. Strange, indeed strangely fun. Hmmmm If I have that kind of power? I’ll become strange. I don’t know what to do. hahaha I’ll go to a farther place to think.

Then go back fast. I don’t need a plane anyway. =)


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