Nippon Benkyo: Hito

Ok, first of all, this is about my experience with them until now. So be warned that this generalization was based on those who I interacted for the past months, quite sample I have.. Second reminder, I might be biased because the liking I have with Japan, so just accept it. It’s my own opinion so please understand. This is not the full point of view yet, because I will not include on those I saw in news or japanese TV.


I am now chatting with a Japanese lad. Great thing, she can speak English.. Anyway, but most of them, whether young and old, a student or OL, salaryman.. They have a struggle with the english language so great thing I’m teaching them. I hope they are learning. hahaha

While I’m teaching, here’s what I noticed with them. Let’s set aside their difficulty of learning english part. That’s given and it’s a long story and they have reasons why. That maybe will be in the another post.

I’ll list their qualities. Surprisingly, it is fun not only teaching them but learning from these students… I have now idea how interacting with the Japs feels like.

Shyness. I thought cannot speak and shyness are the same. But here, it’s really different not only with the spelling. Some students, you just need to push them to talk, and they’ll speak then it sounds better than I first thought. So, I rarely hear a student admitting he/she can’t speak. Most of them are really shy. If they speak a bit more, then my work will be a lot easier right. Teaching them specific mistakes and giving specific action on how to improve. But silence or murmurs, won’t really help.
Eagerness to learn. Yes, all of them or most of them really cooperate or did make some mistakes but eager to learn more. Wow, I mean they are not all bright or smart but having this attitude goes a long way, and I saw some students really improved over the time they are taking lessons. Being coachable and sometimes admitting mistakes helps a relationship right? Unlike well, in my previous work, not in billing but in tech support, there were arrogant customers just can’t accept they were doing the wrong thing or they know wrong. They don’t listen. But anyway, that’s kinda wrong right, students and customers. Hmmm I don’t think so, cause I did have some japanese customers, speak a little english and after some resolutions and explanations, they are ok. Others just plain stubborn.

Sounds nice or they are really nice people! Even some students that are uncooperative, they still are still nice. They will not shout or curse or even say a bad word. Let’s say, they are more civil. Or more calm I guess. Others, just one minor mistake, they’ll blow their tops. Japanese seems prioritize peaceful and orderly interaction first.

Not following directions. I don’t know if its my accent or it’s because of English or yeah, they assume always. I mean one time, I asked the student to do this and student gave the answer right away or start reading the wrong parts. hehe Sometimes, its annoying but well, I think its the english part.
School is tough, for my HS students. I mean, I wish I studied HS there but damn, with a lot subjects to study plus club activities, I don’t know how they cope up or pass every subject. It seems that english subject is not of their priorities. I asked one student how many tests he has on the next day, he answered me ten! In one day! Ten! I did not even take that a lot of tests in college! Geez… Wow.

Unique and simple joys. Most of the people say, Japanese are weird or crazy in terms of things, or even actions or rituals or whatever. They do have crazy or weird things/places or even TV shows. But what I can say, if you understand them and culture or even personality, it’s normal for them. They choose to do it because they want to. I have a student who is in Junior HS and likes 50-60’s jazz. He ended up playing in a punk band doing green day. hahaha I asked him why, he told me no choice. Or how about HS kids playing wind instruments in a very young age. Student who is studying english so he can watch his favorite US show. Wow that’s motivation for you. hehe Or a student how has a hobby that likes watching her own teeth. I was floored by that. hahaha She has reasons don’t worry and it’s valid. How about a student who has good singing voice and can dance and everything then she wants to be a librarian. that’s something! Weird right. It’s a matter of choice they want to do and yeah I won’t go to the other things but they are just unique.
Lastly, they are storytellers and very accommodating! I mean, I just asked something about japan like this place or their hobbies, they kinda tell a lot. It’s fine for them to tell what happened to them as long you kinda get their trust. I’m thankful for this attitude because a lot of useful information came straight from them and I don’t need to research online about this place or food or even people. Most of my students, like lights up when I say I what to go to Japan. They tell me do this, go there, eat this and that.. Even to the point, they ask when will I come, and visit their place. That’s more enticing isn’t? hehe

I want to share more but for now, Japanese people I can say…

Totemo sutekinahito!

One of the big reasons, I can say, I should definitely go here?

So desu ne!


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