Crushes: Elizabeth Olsen

elizabeth-olsen1-550x338Hmmm after I watched recent blockbuster films, like Godzilla, Avengers 2 and yeah Civil War, one lady stands out. Not Scarlett of course. hehe Elizabeth Olsen!

I don’t know, her beauty is like universal style. I was surprised that she is the younger sister of the Olsen twins! (so they became designers). At first, I thought she was the other half of the twins and focused on becoming an actress. I was dead wrong. hahaha

Anyway, two great things about her.. One is yes, her beauty is just mesmerizing. Whether she is the scarlet witch or the wife in Godzilla, her figure and endearing face, such beauty to watch. I thought at first she’s like Kirsten Dunst or Maggie Gyllenhaal, but she’s different. Even like she looks thin but not that very thin than those 2 stars I mentioned. She can look a bit young, older or even country girl, as what she did in I Saw the Light. I’m surprised she sings. hehe She can be a model I guess with that looks and aura.

Lastly, well.. Of course, acting! Kirsten and Maggie are great actresses and yes, Elizabeth maybe miles away from them but she’ll get there. I mean from blockbuster films, to small films or even Oldboy (the bad remake), her presence there is a mark in those films. Whether it’s big or small supporting role, I just can’t forget her not only the looks but performance.

One thing she just need to improve.. Hmmm number of films, please no more Oldboy. hahaha Just do good films and yes, whether it’s indie or blockbuster flicks, she’ll make it. Yes, give her a chance to lead a film, I’m sure there will be good results. She can deliver and perform!

I forgot the twins because of her. hahaha


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