Slimjet internet browser

Yesterday, I thought SSS browser won’t work, but I remembered, it worked before so why not now?

Minutes later, problem solved and I gave to my friend what he needed. Thanks to this great browser! Mozilla became plug in driven and freaking slower. Opera it’s like a on and off relationship. Not consistent especially with it’s flaws in the features. Chrome was good at first, I wrote about it before but as time went by..

Sad to say, it became slower and irritating because of crashing!

Well, I thought of getting a new browser, and be more productive as I bookmarking more websites and reading more sites. I don’t want to go back to the previous websites. I tried to stay at chrome longer but it’s just slow.

Surprisingly, while I’m browsing and read a site the list of great browsers, Slimjet is consistent in the list. What’s more is no need to create a new username. You can use your own google ID!

By the way, I’m not paid by slimjet browser for this. hehe Never! I don’t know or anyway, that they contacted me for this.

I downloaded the browser and for a year, until know, I’m using it with ease! Loving it.. The only problem I have, hmmmm the design of it, not really good unlike Opera or Mozilla design. Chrome is a bit minimalist but can be customised.

Slimjet can be customised using chrome themes but yeah, I still prefer with Chrome.

What I love with Slimjet? First is the one click log in! You can save a lot of log ins like FB, wordpress or any website that requires log in and password. Second, settings are easy to understand. Unlike chrome which a bit hard to grasp. Slimjet has a way to make settings easier and customisable.

Last thing, which is the best feature. Almost lag free. With automatic updates and google sync, it’s easy to use and I rarely had problems with this browser. It also copied opera that you can customise thumb screen layout of your favorite websites! I love their website as it shows the information about the browser and some goodies as well. Of course, I forgot to say, it’s free!

Hmmm if time comes and extra money I have, I’ll donate! hahaha

I definitely recommend this browser, give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. Sad to say, it doesn’t have a mobile app.

But I hope, they do have in the future!


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