The Cursed Customer

A month ago, I’m visiting my usual spa parlor. Well my last visit was like, a year ago.. But I’m confident that I can see this parlor again to get some stone massage.

As I walk the stairs going up to that parlor and saw their old sign, I went straight to that entrance but something changed. It looks like closed but there was a sign that press this buzzer to come in. I did and all of the sudden, I’m holding a tablet full of pics of girls. What the hell is this place? It does offer only 3 massages, Shiatsu, Thai and Nuru? What the hell is that?! And the price, was way high and there was a membership fee? Are you kidding me?! I end up getting a calling card. I still got my stone message but I needed to walk a kilometer to get one. Geez..

I was shocked that the spa parlor I used to like was closed. It became, yeah, somewhat a deriharu. hahaha I’m not sure, but when I researched what that Nuru means.. It’s like I’m watching in soapland JAV. hahaha

Every time I pass by that one stall in SM Annex, a stall which is famous for releasing good china android phones plus some accessories.. In a span of like 2 years, I was always looking at that stall and check their releases. As time goes by, they decreased releasing phones, until this past months, they only sell low quality in ear and some memory cards then.. One day, they were gone! What the hell? Geez I used to buy one phone from them and they were great. Now, all their stalls or stores, even the one in Gateway, goner. What the hell happened?

Hmmmm I like Japanese food, and there was this one restaurant that started it all. I mean, cheap yet authentic Japanese fast food. I’m always eat there like after I bought stuff or watched a movie. So, because of them I was able to taste real soba, great potato salad, and teeshoku. Even oh my God, the vegetable tempura!
Until one day, all of the sudden, I thought I was lost in SM Annex and that space became Ersao! The expensive fast food taiwanese restaurant. They are known by the way, good spicy squid but they became pathetically expensive these days. Anyway, I was shocked and sad. I invited my friend there, brought Algerro as well in their other branch. I also ate at their branch in MOA after KCON! It was in a flash, they are gone. I’m not sure in the other branches.

Those 3 experiences, always give a shock to me. It happened a lot, as I was a customer in one place, I had a good time then it got closed. It also happened to other establishments that I hate and they closed. Good thing right? But for these places that were good and I had fruitful experiences, it’s unfair that they just closed. It only shows that in this tough business environment, it’s not enough that you should survive. You should be stronger and a winner every single day.
It’s really sad that such business decision needs to be executed. Take mine as an example, when I gave up my place and it it ended up closed, I was sad that my former employees lost a job. My customers ended up confused, mad or even sad because their usual store preference just closed.

I thought that I’m a cursed customer when these establishments that I used to visit were closing one by one then I need to go other stores or places.

It’s sad right? But that’s part of life. Business. Cycle.

Anyway, as I thought I’m a curse, some new businesses or stores in that same old places looks interesting.

Gotta check that out like I always do!

Curse or fate?


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