Ring! Ring!

(Mckinley Hill)

Part 2

Yes, there are a lot of offices here! Let’s go for the big ones, shall we?

Canon – Hmmm suprisingly, it’s a service center for their outsourcing needs. I’m not sure what area they handle but I heard indeed they exist.

Samsung – Not in that BPO aspect, more for local operations, but the main office is in Sta.Rosa I guess. I heard stories, mostly, stressful ones. I don’t know how you will get here. hehe

Cognizant – One of their first offices! Cognizant is a third party BPO company which I can say, diffferently high. Meaning, I heard they pay much and when I saw their center, not the typical BPO center. Isn’t it? I took the test but did not make it to the final interview. Test was long and hard. I don’t know how did I make it to the next round. hehe

Bayer – Yes, the leading german pharma. Simple as that. We see them in pesticides, mosquito repellant, even mosquito coils and other household items. Suprisingly, I saw their site, a new one when I visited my close friend. Wow! Looks new and I think, its a great company. It should be.

UHG – United Health group for short. hehe First center they established and only expanded to QC just last year. One of the leading US healthcare providers. They outsourced here for their main operation needs like claims for healthcare insurance. They have nice billboards and a lot of stuff. Great pay, one of the highest in the industry! Problem is, I don’t know, if you can handle the stress. Emotional stress of dealing, hmmm let’s say life and death situations. Other wise, you can try their other positions. After watching sicko documentary, I thought of myself, I’ll never ever work in a US healthcare account. Never.

Wells Fargo – I think of all those great centers located here, nothing more famous than this bank. One of my close friends currently working here. I tried to apply before but I failed their final exam. Looking back now, good thing that happened. The reason? The location is just mind boggling far and yes, consider troubles of traffic and rain. But if I’m like my close friend, why not work here? Great facilities, I think cool pay and benefits but yes, an US account. Don’t forget, US time operations shift. Another thing, with their current troubles in their Mortgage fines and recently, fraud fines and cases… I’m guessing, they might go to the JP Morgan route, the toxic work load. That’s my only assumption.

Anyway, that’s it for the companies you can see here but I missed the other ones, like Salmat, IP of the Philippines, Holcim, Intelenet, and others.

Wow, I think I’m done for the 5 best sites for BPO here in Manila. But I’m not done yet in this part… Not yet.

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