Jdrama: Ie Uru Onna


When I was checking the synopsis of this Jdrama last quarter, I was kinda feeling like unusual. I don’t know how they will make this a good jdrama with that plot and yes, lead by Kitagawa Keiko (notoriously so-so acting but very beautiful indeed.)

Well, I was checking other jdramas and because of the topic, I want to just check this or look to just one episode.

After that first episode, I got hooked and finished! hahaha Then rewinding mostly the first parts of episode 5, 7 and even episode 1. Very memorable introduction of the lead character!

Ok, let’s start for some flaws. I only thought of two flaws. First was the lack of backstory of Sangen’ya Machi. I mean well, she did explain what happened to her but because of the interesting character, I want to know more, like how on earth she became that great real estate agent right? Or how did she find that very cheap mansion? There were lot of questions about her left unanswered. Its quite disappointing.

The last flaw, what the hell with jdramas this year! Even good jdramas were getting short number of episodes. I mean despite leading ratings even not that high, I expect this will go 11 episodes but it was cut short to 10 and the last minutes where underwhelming. How it end and what happened to them. Although I thought that route will come around while watching episode 3, wandering if she’s that great, then why not set up by herself right?

It’s surprising it got that cut and fast tracked ending. Darn!

Let’s discuss the strengths! First of all, hmmm I think this is like second best or I mean number one role for Kitagawa Keiko. I might get wrong with it because I watched some of her few roles yet, but this one fit her. Thanks to her presence even with limited face expressions, she done her part well and became the driving force of the jdrama. Damn, at first, how she will sell houses if she looks sad and no social skills with the team? But I got hooked. hehe I like how she shouts and says GO! Its like those jdramas like Kaseifu no Mita, Danda Rin, or Queen’s Classroom. All those dramas has memorable stoic female strong lead characters. This one is no exception. hehe Because of this, I’ll watch other Keiko’s drama. I did watch detectives vs detectives and it was fine last year.

Second is despite that deadpan strong lead character, they made fun with the story. I like that simple story yet it becames complicated on how Machi sells the house. With her motto, there is no house I can’t sell, was such a motivation to her and you’ll see why. Wow, I just can’t believe that she was able to pull off every sale and how cunning it was. Definitely, I’ll get her as a real estate agent! I like how other employees coincide with her story and the clients per episode. Don’t forget the crazy and insane strategies on how to get the heart of the buyer of the real estate. hehe If only I can apply that in real setting! I love the dialogue of all the cast, even the guest of every episode, simple yet fun and melodramatic.

Third, wow the cast. I love the cast! From Section Chief, the other agents, and even Madoka Murota. Even Kokoro chan hehe Niwano, Adachi, Fuse, Gota, the other dude, hehe and yes, the infamous, Shirasu Mika! Kudo Asuka, the last time I saw this dude was in Roosevelt Game and Asa ga Kita, he’s good in this drama. Chiba Yudai, wow cunning and well, he’s good at this drama as his character developed. I also love the Chinchin Pui Pui moments by Usada Asami! hahaha Of course, I can’t forget the most pathetic employee, Shirasu Mika! hahaha Fuse san and Dai the manager were great, especially episode 8 or 9, that Dai chan’s ex wife showed up! That was fun. Overall, you can say OA in most of the scenes but it was fine cast and jdrama indeed.

Lastly, hmmmmm I don’t know but the directing and pace was right. Except for one episode, all of the episodes were fun and serious at the same time. You add those great mexican theme music and sound effects especially when Machi says GO! hehe Give credit to the director and team to make this jdrama east to watch. One of the best of the year and definitely, watch it again! Kinda addicting. hehe

I don’t know if how her prescence make me move but when she says…

Reyes, Alfredo… GO!

I’ll go! hahaha



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