Eye of the Beholder

Hmmmm, honestly I don’t know what to right at this time. For 15 mins now, I can’t really say or think what’s in front of me. This post might look like an unplanned for me. hehe I’m just looking around my files and downloads in my computer.

Staring those pictures showing in the wallpaper of my computer. All those Japanese lads. hahaha Plus a picture of my hand when I was in the hospital. Pictures change every 30 secs. I just saw one of my screenshots in one of my lessons. hahaha

I’m thinking what files to erase or remove. Oh and yes, I’m thinking upgrading some parts in my computer. Like the RAM and VGA. Oh my God, yesterday, I tried to install Mad Max video game and there was no time that I was able to look at the game. After 2 hours installing the game, nothing happened! These video games for computer desktop are insane! 60gb of file space? Are you kidding me? Am I really behind these times? hahaha So this machine of mine can only play up to DOTA 2. That’s quite sad. But yes, I’m thinking upgrading some of the parts and UPS of course! Then some peripherals.

I just watched Bakuman and as much I liked it. I was a bit disappointed how it ended. It still running in my mind that film, the potential was there but it was not utilized properly. Quite sad but it was a very good eiga! Especially Sakanaction did a wonderful job in the music theme. Great band!

Kuroki Hitomi and Asami Yuma just passed by and now Shibasaki Kou. hahaha Then oh Satsukawa Aimi, then Ayase Haruka! I think my wallpaper it’s set to 10 secs. hehe Adachi Rika and so forth..

Oh that’s my resume picture. hehe Sakuraba Nanami!!!! Geez why she got behind being famous. Darn…

Before I go, the last picture I’m looking at is…

Yeah, my picture in the hospital and..

Vice Fairy ad coming from my favorite… hahaha

and Kurashina Kana then Shaku Yumiko…

My eyes seeing beautiful views..

How about my soul?


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