Crushes: Carla Humphries


I haven’t seen her in years, well in TV or anywhere but I can see her in IG. hehe
3060066377_07219eef52Damn, I hope I’ve met her in UST. Not the other stars. hahaha I don’t know by myself, with all other beautiful Filipina celebrities, I chose her than others.

Other than a beautiful simple name. Her looks, simply breathtaking! I mean, her mixture of american looks and mestiza pinay features just fit right.. We have other great half european or american pinay actresses, but I think her features just perfect. I like her white skin which not that so white unlike others.. Good thing about her, she can be look simple or keep her beauty by simple no make up or making her ugly like what she did in one role at MMK.

Speaking of acting, yeah, I can say she can act! Even in small or supporting roles, and my favorite thing she did was in MMK. I forgot the title of the episode but her character has disability and I was surprised that she looked ugly but her acting stands out.

Then the FHM came. Damn, I made a promise before that if she come out in a FHM cover, I’ll buy one. I did, and that was the last FHM mag that I bought by myself, after like 8 years. Her portfolio there was gorgeous, the sand setting was perfect for her and those bikini she wore, wow… Hot! hahaha

Unfortunately, after keeping it in my cabinet and termites ate most of my documents, I was not able to keep this mag. =(

Well, great thing as I read about her current work status, so she will go back into acting, in an indie flick. Then, she’s into business and some other endeavors.
The only thing I hope she can keep doing is the consistent presence, not in SNS.. But also, in the real media. Even it’s short supporting roles, or films, or even leading lady roles if she can. I mean she’s not alone in this status, a lot beautiful actresses who can’t get a good break in TV or films.. It’s quite harsh for her right? hehe Good example, Arci! I mean after I made that post for her, she got lucky and now she’s became more famous than before.

I hope Carla will experience this good break in the future. Or if not, I mean she kinda out of luck.

I’ll follow her anyway in SNS. hehe



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