Berserk 2016 Anime


After the first teaser of this anime, despite that 3D crappiness, I got excited and pumped up, I waited and able to cheat crunchyroll. haha I watched the series live straight from WOWOW!

3 months later, WTF! hahahaha Why it was called Berserk! Darn.

Ok, let’s start with the meat of the review which are the flaws. First flaw, was the confusing animation. Although it’s mostly 3D and sketchy 2D drawings… There were moments that were kinda nauseous. I mean bad camera angles, animation sequences, and close ups. I don’t know why the Miura-san approved this but it became unwatchable at some parts. Like for example that episode which the dude entered that orgy ritual, it almost looked like Hentai but it’s confusing and yeah, bad episode.

Another major flaw, OST! Except for the some sound theme from the very first anime that still applied here, most of the music used were such annoying. They tried to make this like modern or keeping up with other animes but it did not work. It doesn’t feel medieval ages or even old times. Oh don’t me start with the OP song. What the hell!!!! I like the ending song though, a lighter song, kinda chillout compared in the original anime. But the songs used in the first anime, still the best!

Oh yes, third major flaw! Some very bad action sequences. Berserk is not Berserk without very gory, action packed sequences but unfortunately, some of them were bad. I thought that little skeleton army was the last bad sequences, but it was not. There were a lot to mention and I don’t want to go through over again. That’s how bad it is. Other reviewers were right on the money. They shown Guts just a man swinging his big sword to kill people. Which it should be not. Nope!

Which leads to the biggest flaw of all… Story!!!! Miura-san I think, paid big bucks to allow such worst editing of sorts here. I mean they created a story that not only boring form of Berserk but also the most fastest or shortcut form did worst. The movies done just right for the story, I mean despite they deleted a lot of parts or characters, the main plot and feeling of berserk still there. For this new TV series, I don’t know what they were doing or planning, they just created a new thing altogether and it’s not working. It will not work. Ever. I agreed that the Dreamcast Berserk game version was more Berserk. Yeah, even the story arc there was short but it was complete and spot on!
Here, oh my God.. Please.. Stop this revisions.. I mean, for example.. That cursed horse scene, I expected that won’t show in a TV series because it’s graphic, and yeah, sexual graphic, but they shown it in a different setting and event.

Another one, the Father Mozgus story, I thought that story won’t show or the torture shots because it’s too graphic and yes, ehem Church label. But they shown it as well in a rushed way. See? If they were able to do that, then they should like show it all arcs or remove those scenes that way too graphic or violent. Why we fans punished by this skimmed down Berserk? No way! Unforgivable.

I just expected that after the movies, they go straight to the first chapter then they can skip the golden age arc then straight to what they are showing now, but not that same flow. I mean, this series they shown, they skipped like 15 or more books. I don’t know or forgot what they missed but it was bad. It’s sad. =(
After watching episode 3, I knew it’s bad. No more saving or hoping for the best. I knew I had to embrace for the worst.
Anyway, there were 2 saving graces here. First, well the good action scenes and plots. I like the battle between Guts and Father Mozgus. Other scenes involving Guts swinging his dragonslayer. Ah some drama scenes involving Goddo and Rickert and side story of Luca which is quite accurate. I love the Guts fighting first time with the Kushan Raiders. Wow, epic! hahaha

Last saving grace. I can’t believe that despite some massive revisions, I like the characters shown here. Almost everyone you want to see like Farnese, Serpico, and Isidro and of course Guts, Casca with bonus rocking Skull Knight and weird appearance of Zodd. The gang is complete and despite those changes, seeing them, and talking, that’s a plus.

They perfectly hit for Puck! hahaha Good job for Puck.

Yeah what a surprise after the last episode and yes, the rebirth of Griffith which I can very fast… Ah they will follow this up.

Yes, spring 2017, they go straight to the Millenium arc and yes, the much awaited berserker armor with their important ally, Schierke!

Will I watch it? No and Yes. My gut says no because of this miserable first showing. I hope they can still change studios. hahaha Please!!!!

Yes, because Gats is there. =) Yes, they will continue this due to the Berserk brand.

Even it’s not what we are looking.

Maybe it’s like Apple to its Iphone 7. =)

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