What if..

(iOS main code was given free to other OEM’s like Android)

After looking that Jet Black Iphone 7 in the blogs or reports.. That’s Iphone 3GS like? hehe

I thought, what if Apple thought of giving away the iOS main code to other smartphone manufacturers? Android became the biggest OS running in the smartphone market due to giving away their code free. Or if there is like a share of profit, very minimal.

Come to think of it, why Apple, despite enormous efforts investing money in all markets especially China, can’t even increase it’s market share. Although iOS is very popular, but it seems, not enough to sustain profit. This year marked their first time declining sales numbers…

Then now, they removed the 3.5mm microphone jack. hehe Their phones are so expensive, even the old models, you can buy 2 new midrange phones or a good gadget or something else.

One of the best strategies they have running for the longest time, very high profit margin. I mean it’s like more than 150% margin, for each iphone. But having high profit margin won’t maintain for long.

Just think of it, Samsung, Oppo, One Plus, LG, Xiaomi and other unknown brands, has an iOS phone! hehe

First, of all.. Apple’s profit will be declined, as of course, why I’ll buy a $800 iphone which I can buy not the same quality but very good functional phone from other phones, like $300. This factor will be a big blow to iphone as their great strategy will be eroded.

Second thing will happen. It’s a good one.. It may overtake android for the market share in smartphones. But not like 80% against 20% that android enjoying now. It’s more like 50% or 60% for iOS then the rest Android. I admit, iOS has more clean UI, and great apps available (except for mx player and wps office hehe), and that’s their great advantage. So think of it, many will leave Android and switch to iOS as it became easier to reach. Or people will do like they do in sim cards. They’ll have at least 2 smartphones, 1 Android and 1 iOS.

Third factor.. Yes, what will happen to the eroding profit of Apple? Where it will go? Of course, to the other OEM’s. I know it might be not a big leap of profit but it will help a lot in the other manufacturers. What is great will be, OEM’s won’t need to rely in Android or other OS. They can rely in iOS and they don’t even need to like skin it their way like others do in Android. No bloatware or even bugs.. If they do straight up iOS in the smartphone, then no need to wait for updates long. It will be very helpful for other OEM.

Fourth, Apple will be awaken and they will do everything to improve! I mean, let’s be honest, their strategies, always playing catch up, copying or worse, removing what’s working. hehe But now, at this rate, they will do anything, to be better again. To be innovative again even they did not innovate. They will push more other revenue streams than iOS or apple products. Maybe they can charge a small fee for licensing iOS. It’s easy money right?

Lastly, like I said before, if OEM’s has choices, then it’s best for us. We might even end up, a smartphone user will have 2 mobile phones, one Android and one iOS. It will be a must! It’s a great choice and option for us users right?

I’ll do that, how about you? hehe

Do you think it’s possible? I think Steve will agree on that. =)


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