Ring! Ring!

(Mckinley Hill)

The name itself sounds, well.. Very classy. Of course, the sound of its name matches the business hub itself. Meaning style and substance combined. The first time I went to this place, first of all, I felt exhausted because I did not know how to get here!!!

But secondly, I kinda amazed how beautiful this place is.. Once you get off, it’s easy to see the buildings, plus other places you can see. At that time, it doesn’t have a lot of other places to go. It’s like 4 years ago then some visits there due to events but most of all, it was just shocked me.

Well to get here… It’s like a relationship, complicated! hahaha
One route was from QC, go to the MRT station, go down at the magallanes station, then there, get lucky to ride a mckinley bus or FX then you’ll arrive there. Estimated time of arrival, 2 hours, if there is no traffic. Yes, well, 1 hours and a half if you’re pretty lucky. Oh! If there is no bus or FX, ride two jeeps from Magallanes, one is for gate 3 then gate 3 to market market. Phew!

Another route. MRT or whaever way to get in the ayala station. Ride the BGC bus or jeep to market market. Arrived there, look for a jeep going to Gate 3 I suppose, then you’ll arrive here. Time? Same long time. hahaha

Another thing, well, bring a car! Easiest path is the eastwood route then C5, then there! But traffic sucks. Another path, ride the Mckinley bus in Eastwood, I don’t know how much the fare but its pretty easy, ride that bus and you’ll arrive here. The problem, well, you need to be early for the first trip, like 5-6am ish.

Whew, those are the ways you can use going here. Yes, I suggest one last thing and this what my best friend did.. Find a condo very near at this place or better, inside the place. It’s expensive, space conscious but well, you won’t have to worry allotting 3 hours just to get there right? Plus other expenses.

Here are some companies you can check it out!

FACTSET – I don’t know how this company screens but definitely, like backoffice work! I just don’t know how much they pay but someone I know still stays in this company. I saw some of their ads and they need mostly like statistics and accounting work. Excel is an advantage.

ACN – you know about them. hehe Suprisingly, this is there main HR office, I mean some stuff you need for HR comes here. I don’t why. But anyway, ACN is good and if I’m still young or got hired way before, I think I’ll earn big after I leave. haha

Ingram Micro – Damn that last interview!!! haha Screening process as follows, I don’t if they changed. Paper testing then, if you pass, initial interview then lastly final interview with the OM. I missed that final part. What’s good about this one, wow, the facilities it’s so like spacious and not tight unlike other centers. Even the workstations are like big, like Dell! And I heard, pay is not bad, they have 2 increases per year!

Unfortunately, I heard this year, they’ve done some cuts. Ouch. Anyway, there are still there and yes, I don’t know if they still hire.

Thomson Reuters – So they closed their first office in Makati and I think all their offices are now here. They have weird hiring, it’s thru online or referral from an employee there. Then, if you’re unlucky, they freeze hire! Good Lord! hahaha I heard they pay good but anything else, mysterious…

HP – Yes, the first center of HP who infamously pirated a lot of agents from Dell and ended up regretting it. hahaha Well, the center still stands tall and like I said before, I don’t know if you’ll like it here. Especially with the chaos around it’s management.

Some local centers, Colgate – Palmolive and Canon and even Del Monte Philippines.

There you go!

Nope, there’s more!


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