Eye of the Beholder

Looking the rear view mirror, I thought that I can be a franciscan monk. Damn, it’s not old age, but really.. That operation did to me more than a decade ago not only removed that cyst but also, most of my hair.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I can’t get girls. =) Although I’m introvert and a bit shy, but I’m always confident in who I am. But sometimes, I think confidence can get you only further without the right tools. I don’t have that many tools.. I mean that hair.

Ah, yes, I asked a couple of dermatologist and they told me the same thing, I need a hair transplant. Geez.. haha First years of being bald gives me a sense of freedom, and quite easy to maintain. But for the past years, I’m thinking of having back my hair. I don’t think I need gel anymore once it comes back.

Yeah, I used to have a big bottle of Gel just to cover that bump on my head. It takes me, minutes just to fix my hair. I hate those times.. I don’t think I’ll do that again if I have it back. hehe

Barber was kinda fast cutting my hair. The rear mirror was now becoming clear to me about what’s happening. The shave was showing and the annoying growing hair on all sides. It’s to imagine what will I look like if I do have hair again. I don’t know what style or look I can possibly have. Will that attract girls as my first idea.. Will I beam more confidence or swag?

Will they stop calling me Pnoy or did you became sick?

Those weird questions, well will be answered… Hmmm years time perhaps. hahaha

10 mins was done, including the shaving part. Gotta go. Pay 40 bucks, and off to going home.

I don’t think I’ll have fast cutting if I do have my hair back.

I’ll miss that part.


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