What if..

(Rio Olympics got cancelled!)

Hmmmm when you hear or read a lot of bad and some time horror stories about the Rio 2016 preparations, I’m kinda thought, why they can just cancel it now!
I don’t know but let’s see the implications. Of course, they have two choices, either move the date into a better month where no more Zika virus threats or even the security measures are fully implented.. Then the second choice, the worst choice but it’s better, cancel the damn thing and move forward to Tokyo 2020! Yehey.. It’s not I’m biased for Japan (as much I would love to) but come to think of it.
Muggings happened! I mean, it’s way too early and this happen?! Kidding me right? Not all athletes are rich, and they got robbed? Geez.. Superstars in most major sports are backing out. Well, like the Super star team in Team USA ended up like All star weekend due to the Zika virus threat. That’s bad.. Then, facilities are not yet finished. I don’t know how they will rush things but if those facilities are running short or incomplete then why just cancel it now right?
If this was cancelled, this will put Brazil into longer recession or worse bankrupt. I mean they spent already for these events but still came up short! Then if it’s cancelled, earnings they expect won’t happen and yes, what Brazil invested will be kaput. Add insult to injury the government crisis that not only happening around the world but Brazil itself. We don’t know how will be their president welcoming all the athletes and delegations next month. Country might be in chaos because of this absolute fall.. I don’t know who will save them.. Sad to see that happening in a fun country like Brazil.
Crimes will be more rampant, police might be overthrown or even the armed forces as now they were short changed by the government due to delayed salaries.. Geez, it’s sad to see.
But do I want to see this olympics? In that floating state? Or incomplete phase? No or less star athletes? I think that’s so boring. I mean in the London Olympics, except for that very fun intro and closing ceremonies, most of the events were just boring to me. I just kinda picked the sports I want to watch and don’t want to be bothered by other slow sports or boring ones.
Other critics says, why just cancel altogether the olympics? I mean due to the each sports annual competitions and contest, why bother joining olympics? It’s not I hate or I got really bored with it.
It’s just not fair, especially like in my country who for many decades joining these once in a 4 year race, haven’t won a single gold medal! Then we can’t even qualify for most events because we don’t have money or budget helping the poor athletes. We don’t have neither good stadiums here to practice! I mean we have a lot bigger ones but that’s for, ehem entertainment. Owned by big corpos or orgs..
It’s not only happening to us, but many countries, not including those countries who at war and still sending delegates just for pride. I think they should like think this over. I mean, even the olympics mission and vision are good, but with what’s happening in our history. Step back and think, what’s better? We kept on doing this olympics despite all dangerous threats and a facade of the real thing happening between nations.. Or stop this and focus more on the problems that all countries face and how to solve it. I know there is UN or treaties but at these times, I think we need more effort to bring peace and order in this earth then add other global issues we face.
I don’t think we do this for the pride of each country these harsh times. Yes, pride, and that’s what keeping this Rio Olympics running. Despite all the negative environment and catastrophic factors, they still want to continue.
Well, that’s my thought and the result of this one, I’ll be suprised if it ended clean or better than I thought. But I won’t be surprised, if this coming olympics, became one of the worst in decades, many decades in history..
For the safety of all atheletes and save money or to avoid pathetic results.. .
I just hope it indeed, cancel this one now.



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