unplanned 77

Hmmmmm I’m typing this blog in a far, far, very far place. I wish I just bring a laptop with me but I don’t have the funds yet. I think it’s easier that way than this kind of set up.

I was shocked when I’m checking the news while I’m out online due to searching of internet connection. KD left OKC for GSW. Gilas was defeated and kicked out for the Olympic qualifiers easily.. Geez.. Shootings left and right in the USA that ended with a sniper killing 5 officers due to an uprising? Kidding me right?!

Unbelievable.. It’s like when I moved here in this very distant place in the North. I’ll just tell later about this all of the sudden move. All I feel now, is utter confusion. Neither frustration nor enjoyment. Neither sad nor happiness. Neither isolation nor freedom.

That’s how spontaneous this transfer is. Abrupt, fast and can’t say no. For now, I’m catching up with the target of posts this month and great thing, I’ll just catch up this month and not since last month. hehe

There is a sense of uneasy and optimism.. There is an urge of interest and challenge. All I can say, I’m kinda in between now.

To tell you honestly, before this happened, I was on the verge of really being independent of my path and undertaking.

It’s just I faced a snag that in the first, I shouldn’t be..

For now, in this place I’m taking from someone.. I just want to finish it and move on.

Of course, not too soon.. Not too later.


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