Ring! Ring!

(last break)

Well, before giving the last place of the best location to work for BPO.. Let’s take a breather shall we? hehe

All I can say for this blog of this part of my life, unbelievably long. hahaha I never thought it will like take more than 2 years to finish this pathetic crap but we’re almost there to finish it!!!!! Yehey! Am I excited?

No. hehe

I’m not excited because I’ll definitely miss this.. =( I mean writing about the long experience I have with the industry and how it went definitely means a lot to me. To share what I know and giving an advice what to do or my opinion to that past company, it’s like taking off some weight out from my body. hahaha

That’s a lot of hate, love and nostalgia. However, it’s sad that I have no time to update it or even improve it because of changing trends and some gossips revolving the industry.
Ah yeah, like one great example, inhouse AMEX is now here!!! Yehey, but it’s in BGC!!! Boo!!!! hahahaha Good Lord!!!

So there, hmmmm I can’t imagine, I almost done with this. I mean after the last good location for BPO, I’ll just have like 5 more parts and I’m done. I’m not sure if somebody really reading it. hahaha That’s why it’s in wordpress. My boo was I should have this as an own wordpress or site for this book. Or chapter of my life. Maybe I can still do it in the future.. =) Just to gain readers of my writing perhaps.

Anyway, no last words yet or last say about this blog. All I can say now is I’m happy that I’m approaching the last stretch.

The final parts.. No more extensions or encore.

I’ll give me last piece in a few moments about my life in

Ring! Ring!


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