Eiga Sai 2016!!

I’m writing this in advance. hahaha Gomen!

I can say, this year, is the biggest Eiga Sai ever launched in our country! Why? Almost all films showing here were Japanese blockbuster hits! If not blockbuster hits, Japan Academy Winners or critic faves..

Anyway, I wish I could have watch the other films this year but due to some, ehem… I can’t.. =(

Let the spoiler begins! Randomly ranked but you’ll see what my favorite film for this year. hehe

98986-acd1e90b8b6cd4e8bc6260223eaff6a7Biri Gal (Flying Colors) – I finished my review here at this link. https://reyes2alfred.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/biri-gal/#more-1119. All I can say is, well, it’s an inspiring film and students should see this!
And yes, I got it right! bwahahaha

downloadThe Little House – Just finished watching this around last week. Great performances especially the japan academy best supporting actress (mouthful!) winner Kuroki Haru! I was surprised it has a big cast and Matsu Takako performance was great but short. Story was good but how it was presented, I hope they improved a bit. Overall, I can say yeah, watch it and it’s endearing. Good film.

boy-and-the-beast-posterThe Boy and The Beast – Wow, this animation film, just hit the right spots for me and very touching one. This director knows how to make great japanese feature anime film. I’ll see his other works like Summer Wars, Wolf Children and Girl leapt who can leap time, I hope I got that right! hahaha This one, outstanding voice cast plus very heart warm story. Include some few great action scenes.. Very recommended!!!

download (1)Pale Moon – The movie itself was not pale. It’s almost an adult film but it’s my favorite among the list! The twists, emotions and the thrill of this film will make you wonder about the main character.. What drives her to do that? Miyazawa Rie gave a wonderful performance which well earned her Japan academy best actress award among the tightest race ever in 2015! Love the suspense and drama and how the story unfolds till the end! Cast was great of course with my fave AKB48 Oshima Yuko! Go watch it!

download (2)The Great Passage – Hmmmm this was the film sent as Japan’s representative to Oscars, like 3 years ago. It got some flak because it should be Like Father, Like Son as it won Cannes award. Although I haven’t watched the full of it, I may know the reason why. It has slight advantage over Like Father, Like Son, which was the scope of the story. It’s very long story but not the film. It’s complicated but fun to watch. And with great performances by Matsuda Ryohei and Miyazaki Aoi, it shows that working in a dictionary company shouldn’t be all serious at all.

Kakekomi_posterKakekomi – It has a weird story, but good peformances from Oizumi Yo, Toda Erika and yes! Matsushima Hikari, even in a short role. Anyway, if you like taiga setting and divorce themes, this is for you.

download (3)The Little Sister – Koreeda’s film about well sisters! I recommend this because look beyond the sister’s ehem very beautiful looks.. But the story and drama about siblings life after father’s death. It brought them all kinds of circumstances but stayed strong. I did not really watch it because I focused on my crush, Masami chan! hahahaha I’ll watch it again perhaps in my own time. Hmmm Can’t say if it’s better than Like Father, Like Son.

Films I want to watch, Crossroads! It has Banawe rice terraces shots and Okamoto Tao visited here!!! Damn, no media news about it. hahaha

Another film I want to watch, Ken and Kazu. Indie japanese film as it’s best.. The story and how it goes, as it shows in the trailer. I think it’s good. hehe

Avoid? Hmmm Chronicle of My Mother. August in Tokyo. Not really avoid them, I just don’t like the theme of it or yeah. hehe But watch Chronicle of my Mother as it has Kiki Kirin and Yakusho Koji.

So there! I think, if you finish all the films this year, you’ll be satisfied! =)

Yasashii desu!!!


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