Crushes: Nagasawa Masami!

Well, it should be my love!!! Hahaha That’s why there is an exclamation point in her name. Simply my favorite Japanese actress ever!!!!!! Suki desu ne!!!!!

Give me a break, this is my birthday month! hehe Hmmmm it’s weird the first time I saw her was in tv drama series called Wakanomotachi. You know, the all star cast lead by Tsumbaki Satoshi, Eita, Mitsushima Hikari and a lot more. Masami chan was cast as the daughter of Eita’s character scam victim, which in the end fell in love with him. Her character there was very bare down, I mean emotionally bare, very hurt and lost.
However, she recovered and yeah had a good ending. After that series, I searched a lot of jdramas and movies about her!!! Next one I watched was that Fashion detective series.. That’s the most beautiful Masami chan I saw. I mean her short hair, her fashion outfits and that cute personality in that character. I became a slave of her aura! hahaha Crazy..
At first, well I have other japanese actresses crushes but this one, ai! Love! Can’t get over from my empty head. hehe Then I watched her sailor suit with a machine gun series. Very young Masami chan! Very good jdrama series despite it’s short one. Dragonzakura was the another one I saw, and damn, she played as a HS senior very well!!!!
Another series that I stamped her image or that aura of hers… Even well, not that famous series, it’s Bunshin! You’ll get not one, but two Masami chan!!!! hahaha One playing very simple one and the other edgy as well. Wow, thank God for this series!!!!! hehe
Well, after that, I tried to follow other jdramas and movies but I kinda slacked. hehe However, I followed her CM’s and pics. hehe One CM stand out for me, Calpis!!!!! Damn, I’ll drink calpis because of her! haha It’s sad that there is no Calpis here.. =(
Oh by the way, the reason I have IG, my first reason is, she has an IG! Not twitter, but IG! So even I’m looking at IG, her profile is the first one I check! hehe
2 things I love about her.. First, her acting! Great thing she won a Japan Academy award.. Hmmm she is the most versatile Japanese actress I saw in Japanese entertainment. She can do everything, though I haven’t see her acting in action flick or scifi flick or manga flick. Anyway.. She acted a HS student very well, detective, depressed person, funny person or even a country girl. Any character portrayed by her.. I’m fine!!! hahaha Of course, there was one movie that I did not like work. Wood Job! was the title, and it’s not the acting that I did not like, it’s the pairing of her character. I mean the chemistry between her and Sometani, it’s like distant. Not fit. Geez. hehe But I love her role there, tough country girl. I like that!!!!
The another thing I love about her. Hmmmm honestly, her aura. I don’t know if she is that kind, or tough in real life.. But everytime I see her or staring at her, I get mesmerized, magnetize and feel light. Her looks, honestly, not that stand out like Ueto Aya, or Ayase Haruka. Or even the young ones today like Hashimoto Ai, or even always young looking Gakky.. Gakky looks like her but more cute. hehe But somehow, how she projects, there is always something there. I can’t describe in a word bout it and how she smiles and look sad.. Maybe it’s her personality. As how she portrays her characters, maybe in real life, she can be that kind or scary.. Hay… I don’t care, it’s really love! hahahaha
That’s why no surprise that even a national soccer player of Japan confessed in national TV that she wants to date her. Or even other guys very much like her. Damn, I’m only one of her million fans.
In my wildest imagination, if she like appear in front of me, I’ll be speechless, or hyperventilate or pass out. I don’t know what will I do first! hahahaha Maybe I’ll hide first!!! And slap my face if this is true! Masami chan in front of me? Majide? hehe
If she reads this, and well she can read english.. All I can say.. Like what Takeo did in Ore monogatari, I’ll shout on top of my lungs and say Suki Da!!!!!!! Then run and hug her and I’ll hide. hahahaha
Damn.. Simply lovely and beautiful. Definitely, when I wake up and saw her at my side, everything will be fine!
Masami-chan!!! =)


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