Giant. Great. Grand.

My Iron Xiaomi headset can’t handle the power of the volume of this great phone.
Ever since it was launched 2 years ago, I kinda of fell in love at first sight! hehe It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that..
2 years later, even LG G4 and G5 was released, I stick to this baby. The G3 Cat6 version! At last. hehe I thought I won’t have one but well, it’s worth the long, very long wait!
Giant! I can’t believe I’m holding a 5.5 QHD screen in the palm of my hand. Unlike the Redmi note 2 that I used before which is very balky.. This one, sometimes I thought it slipped from my pants! hahaha It’s very compact and easy to hold. Although others frown it’s built but for me, when you show this up, it’s what I call magnet for envy or lookers or worse, snatchers. hehe But yes, its safe in my hand and feels right. But the looks of it, it looks elegant and I like the grey color. I wish it was black but well, it was not there. I like the buttons at the back, it felt natural to me.
Great! Performance wise, with the Snapdragon 805 and 3gb of RAM, it was built to withstand apps today. Although I don’t really download the performance sapping apps, I can say this phone can handle it. No guessing or estimating if this phone will make it. haha Great screen, my god!! From the time I tested it, and watched Amachan in QHD, damn, I need a bigger file. I tested 4gb blu ray files, no sweat!! And yes, my 13gb Mad Max Fury Road file, damn, I want to watch it all over again with this phone!! Perfect for cinephiles like me. haha Great camera! 13mp at the rear well at first I don’t really check into it but because of this phone, I had my second thoughts. I I immediately shooting hi res photos and yeah, created an instagram account! Still photos are great and well, videos are fine in the max mode but for the normal mode, I don’t know. With the phone’s camera performance, I got into mobile photography. Despite of the 2mp camera for selfies, not bad! I still took some shots! haha Great sounds!! OMG, the sound quality of this phone, top notch!! I think I need a quad driver headset for this phone! Seriously!!! Love hearing New Order, Chillout songs, even other songs that became nice to hear at this phone. I’m not sure if it has a DAC but I can say, it packs a big punch. It made my iron pistons weak. I can’t even put the volume more than level 6/7. I might get vertigo again and top of the distortion I’ll get with the headset. But at that 6/7 level, sound is crisp, bass is wow and yes, you can program it with LG’s sound equalizer. Damn!!! hehe The OS? I almost forgot. It’s great because I was able to see Lollipop OS here, sorry no M yet. But what I like bout G3, all the features are useful. Sometimes I use the dual window, especially when watching jdramas and internet at the same time. The QMemo which you can set as standy display or not. The LG back up which well I hope it can really save most of the important files. hehe Most of all, the customization of the phone. The pics on the home screen, wallpapers and lock screen, plus the fonts, size and even the animation of slides and lock. I don’t think I need an update for this right? hehe I’m happy with it, and stay as it is unless LG will update this one.
Grand! Grand QHD screen that it became addictive to use, whether it’s internet or watching movie files. Sleek design and comfortable features like knock on and yes, it looks grand. For me, after G4 and G5, I haven’t felt G3 can be replaced. For G4, it’s too big and weird. G5? Almost an upgrade but 5.3 inch screen? Kidding me right? hehe Grand performance and easy to use, simply Grand. No other words to say. A phone for keeps. hahaha
However, of course, other phones I can think of topping this one, V10! Wow, that phone is simply, so me! hahaha Except it’s thicker but well, the only phone that you can turn on and don’t worry on anything except water. hehe S6 edge plus or S7 edge. 5.5 inch Amoled and the quality of Samsung? Great! It just slippery in my hand. hehe And yes, the price is expensive at this time. Geez. Xiaomi Note pro! Damn, that phone is so cool, cheap yet, flagship performance.. The only problem is where to buy that phone. hehe Xiaomi Mi5 is also great its just the 5inch screen. I love 5.5 inch screens up to 5.7 inches.. hehe Note 4 or 5. I think I’ll go with 4 due to the usb 3.0! hehe
There are some cavets in this phone. Not perfect as you can imagine. Well, the sms is limited to 80 characters but that’s my fault because this one was the korean version. hehe One major caveat! Battery is draining fast. At first I thought something wrong with the phone, but the battery was busted. I changed to the new one and its working fine!! Its on all the time and not turning off unlike before.. But when you use the QHD and wifi, battery drains fast. It won’t last a day. But for normal use, it will give you a day of charge. Damn, unlike the mediatek processors, it can last more than a day with a bit of more usage. Last caveat! Not really a major one but I hope they bumped the selfie camera. I want to experiment with it but because it’s 2mp, I don’t know if its that bad quality or I shot it bad. hehe The only major issue I have was the battery. The rest of usual problems like software UI or updates, or other added features, it’s fine with me, I don’t put weight on those faults.
Damn, I’ve never put a long review for a phone like this. It means..
I’ll hold on to this one for a long time..
Giant. Great. Grand.

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