What if..

(Ian Curtis is alive!)

Hmmmmm. This thought is kinda hard to phantom. Inside me, I want my fave band singer alive.. But on the other thought, I love New Order!!!!
I thought if he thwarted his suicide, Joy Division won’t be disbanded. Moreso, it will damn alive!! The biggest what if, well if they will become kind of New Order vibe. Light, fun and catchy pop band.
Although there was a recording from JD of Ceremony, but it’s still dark because of Ian’s voice. I don’t know if Ian will give a chance to Barney to write new songs if he’s indeed alive. I’m now imagining Age of Consent is sang by Ian, I think it’ll be better! But when I’m hearing Face Up sang by Ian, I don’t think it will be worse.. That’s the thing, the New Order songs will somewhat sad or dark if Ian kinda agreed of yeah, let’s make our songs lighter and pop! I don’t know if there will be die hard NO fans will show up if that happen.
However, there is another notion that Joy Division might become hmmm living legend status, like say Rolling Stones, or The Who… They might be able to topple The Smiths as well, The Smiths kinda took JD’s mystic due to Morrissey. Look at them now, despite hatred and throwing bombs to each other, the Smiths became, one of the influential bands of all time. Although JD has that but it’s just you want more.. Right? That more might happen if JD is still alive.
Ian would have living normal when we have the treatment for his health deficiences especially for his Bipolar condition. A better treatment, not experimental one. I think, he might a solo career! For example, if he decided to leave JD and have a solo career or a different band.. Then JD become NO! Wow!!! hehe A happy path one.
Ian might become a writer if he wants to. A writer like of his idols..
With all these notions, it’s simply to say, Ian would have a better life. He had great choices left and right.. Yes, his followers will love to see him live or at least, see him singing in the telly or youtube in these days.
However, as I open my eyes and give my sigh..
He made his choice and become a legend.. Not because of what happened to him.
He made songs from the dark shone thru light. Sadness, despair, and failures became a normality and made aware to many.
Thy enigma of him, one such source of why I’m still here..
Cheers, Ian.


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