jdrama: Kazoku no Katachi

download First review for this site for a Jdrama! Well, fortunately, I was able to finish one series despite a lot of great series shown this season!

When I first saw the synopsis of this jdrama in the website, I did not really buy into it. I mean I have no idea about the lead actor Katori Shingo works, but I know he’s surprisingly with SMAP. Add Ueno Juri as the leading lady here or simply the partner of Katori-san, I haven’t seen her doing drama or comedy in years?!
Anyway, the story goes like both of them, Daisuke and Hanako, wants to live a single life to the fullest without bothering other people. Daisuke just moved in to his new spanking condo. He’s a team leader in a ballpen/stationary manufacturing company. He’s in charge like the design or QA of the products they have. Daisuke is kind of selfish and doesn’t want to be bothered by anyone. He just like doing 3 things, perfectionist at work, drinking beer and getting healthy/fit. I forgot, he always make sure he’s condo is clean all the time.
Hanako is Daisuke’s upstairs neighbor. A divorcee who is very workaholic, snubbish neighbor, and yes, chronic complainer! Ah yes, very anxious about her future being single and doesn’t want to marry again. After some initial events happened in the condo then fate let them see together.
After 10 episodes, I can say, it’s a good series! Like I said, I never thought of liking it but after watching the first 2 episodes and how the story went, I finished it. Although it has major flaws, the things I love in this jdrama overshadowed those flaws.
Well, let’s discuss first the major flaws. There were 2 major flaws in this jdrama. The other flaws, I kinda let it pass because it has a good story. First major flaw was the 10 episodes. I mean, the last episode was rushed. The feeling I got was mixed because of the mood of it. From sad then I felt weird then happy and it ended, I felt it was short. See it for yourself. That flaw also brings me to this another major flaw.. I know at the middle of the series, you felt that Daisuke and Hanako will be a romantic pair. A good one and you’ll be thinking how they will be together with their prides on their way..
Sorry to spoil, they did get there but because of that last episode, and yes, I want to see one more episode how they’ll be together.. They just cut it and end it. Geez.. It ruined the drama from becoming into a great one.
Yes, don’t worry, it has great points for this jdrama. One was the interesting cast. When Nishida Toshiyuki is in a jdrama, you’ll know he’ll do great so he did. Great role as the fun yet weird father of Daisuke. The mom of Hanako was also great, as the ever worrying pianist mom. Arakawa Yoshiyoshi’s character was funny and did add that comedic effect in the jdrama. Tanaka Kei’s character was fine, it suits him as the ex of Hanako. Chiba Yudai and Kawaguchi Haruna characters as a couple I can say, they can make a series out of that. hehe They a great pair. The star who played Kota, well he’s good even I don’t like the character. Mizuhara Kiko’s performance as the doomed suitor to Daisuke, well I like her role. After many times I saw her face in other films or jdrama, it’s a first time I like her. She just need to get fat a bit.
Mizuno Miki, is well.. She’s fit in the character and yes, beautiful. hehe Of course, because of this jdrama, I’m looking other series of Katori Shingo! Damn, can’t believe he’s with SMAP. Anyway, he done great in the jdrama, I like the balance he did for this jdrama, serious then dramatic and a bit of fun until the end. I’ll watch Smoking gun because he’s not only there but also.. Guess who. hehe Ah, yes, Ueno Juri at last, she has a role although the character was rigid but she’s light as well. Yes, at last, Jurippe looks like at her age. Although that hair cut was weird, I can say it suits her and yes, both of them has that chemistry if it was not cut short. I think the ratings caused to cut this jdrama to 10. It’s always like that. Damn!
Second thing I love was the story. Except for their high class lifestyle, I felt the same way they do as single person. I mean I’m single and most of the time I want to be really alone and do what I want as long I don’t disturb or hurt others. That’s cool right? Then have that stable career, do the things you want and live, just right. The story of course changed when each other parents came in and started to ruin their peaceful lives then doing weird stuff.. A great example, I had fun watching that wedding of the young couple which in the first it shouldn’t happen but thanks for the gratitude of Daisuke’s father.. It went well.. At first you’ll think why he wants that but in the end, it made sense. Then other stories happened outside the main characters also matters. Fun and good plot for this one.
Lastly, give credit to the director who well, gave the best of the story and the actors. Except yes, the last episode.. Which I hoped he demanded to split it. hehe But yeah, he presented the story simpler, the fun moments stood out and even the dramatic ones. There was no dull moment. Then of course, he let the actors done their way and each one of them delivered. I mean if the director did not mind the talent he has, and the story, I think there will be dull moments or this won’t make to 10 episodes. He just made it simpler and yeah handled this great cast into the story.
I don’t what other jdramas for this season I can finish but definitely this one, you should check it out and worth the time. The series with Fukada Kyoko is a fun one, at last a different Kyoko showing here. It’s the same like before but she speaks faster and the role fits to her. The phantom thief is a frantic series but well, I did not move on after episode 2. Even the father in law series which has low ratings and it was cut to 9 episodes, that was fun but I skipped some episodes. hehe
Yeah, surprisingly, this season, no jdrama reached 11 episodes. I don’t know why, even the specialist which has like above average ratings was finished in 10. Never let me go got 10 episodes! Wow! That should have cut into like 8 episodes. hehe
Anyway, till next jdrama review!
By the way, I love that song they play in this jdrama. Sounds europop and you know like in french love films vibe.. I don’t know but it fits.


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