End of my Youth

33rd year.

A start of the old age.

Leaving the old me.

Well, that should be 3 years ago! As per age bracket here..

Did I achieve something afer a decade? Hmmm some things.. Some things I want to have. Experienced and felt the best and worst events, some in between. Mixed emotions.. Or how about depression and excitement. Anything goes!!!

Did I became successful? Nope. hahaha I kinda surprised I just did not fly enough. I experienced failures.. Different kinds. Whether its stupidity or frailty, I felt it.

Did I lived a full life? Somewhat. Maybe. I went to places. I went everywhere in NCR but not yet outside. Darn. hehe Vacations, staycations, drinking binges, and more.. That’s why I wrote a lot right? hehe

A look back in my life, of course, I’m not satisfied and feel down. Envious is such a good adjective to describe my feelings. Now. But it doesn’t mean, I regret something. Nope. It doesn’t mean, I’m not happy. I’m not happy with the results of what I did but I’m happy and grateful that I’m still here.

It means, I have hope that I can still change and now not through what others say.. I want to try my own path. Although it’s hmmm let’s say today, kinda broke yet. hehe But I want to keep in track. It’s a first time that I’ll do on my own.

The road is long. The struggles are in both sides. The path is difficult.

But as I heard earlier, focus on the prize.. Victory shall be at hand!

I was down. I got tired. I was defeated. But, I need to stand up and move on.

I just sigh and close my eyes with a prayer.

I’ll reach that end of the road, satisfied.


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