Great Eight!

1260 posts!

18 topics/categories?!

8 long years..

1 man.

Anak ng tinapa! hahaha Habang edit ko bawat isa eh nagulat ako.. Nagulat ako in the sense na may nasulat ako na nakalimutan ko na. Natawa ako in fact. May mga nasulat ako na dapat hindi, pero nandiyan na. hehe Nagulat din ako sa dami! Naisip ko nga dapat iba’t ibang blog sites pala nagawa ko. Mahina 4-5 blog sites depending sa topics ha.. Geez. Sumakit kamay ko sa kakaedit at copy paste at remove formatting ha!!!

Well, after some tough decisions, I had time to check this blog site at after years of cramming, now long and behold, I transferred to wordpress! Pero sorry, tight funding kaya yan lang nagawa ko. Naisip ko sana ginawa ko na dati pa!! Pero never too late. At yes, no problems with back up now. hehe

I can’t believe that this kind of therapeutic exercise became a worthy hobby for me. Now, I’m planning to spread out or let’s see how far it will go. Will I earn or be recognized? Or I’ll just be like this. I’ll make ways to make it happen pero like I always do at di ko naiisip yun mga yan..

Keep on writing!

For now, kahit tapos na yun transition eh yun blogspot ko nandiyan na yan. But it will not be updated anymore. For the wordpress one, it will update until magtransfer to .org. I was surprised na to get all the plugins eh kailangan naka .org at may domain pa. Anyway, I’ll make it possible to have my own website thru my blog. Domain lang naman kailangan and hosting..

I want to thank all the readers, if any to this blog. I don’t know if you understand it. Natatawa kasi ako sa stats, may tumitingin from other countries kahit ang post ko eh tagalog. hahaha Baka bot yun or whatever but anyway thanks! From my family, friends and others or even well, everything that I saw and felt.. I can’t write without you!
What else, oh siyempre Thank God for this discovered opportunity. I used to remember, well, english class sa HS and College seems not in for me, but I love answering paragraph questions. Thanks pa din for this skill and experiences for the past what, 8 years!

I will do my best to keep this blog running. Yun 10 per month seems to be attainable at beneficial for me. =) I’ll do my best para maging site na siya! And well, maging viral sana in the future. hehe At yes, the skill I have eh maimprove.

As you see, all I write well I just realized na talagang mirror of me. Not all of me but fractions of it. Most of them, katamaran, bagsak or even mistakes.

Now, I have a new opportunity upon me to make them straight. Well, I’m kinda old and seeing others this and that.

Don’t worry, time will come.. It’s time to perform and succeed. hehe Time to finish and reap in different way.

For now, kindly check my wordpress..

Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to put something there!, thanks dude!! Without you, I don’t know what will happen to me and I have no backup for my blog! hahaha I’ll miss this blogspot.

Number nine for next year eh…

Looking forward to that!


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