XMEN: Apocalypse

I should have watched this in IMAX but due to budget constraints, I ended up watching it in 2D.

I have a chance to watch it again better next time! Anyway, for the movie itself. All I can say, just give it patience and you’ll be rewarded! =)

downloadThe movie has flaws, almost big ones but great thing they were able to make up for it. First one was a lot of scenes should have either removed or fixed it. Sorry to spoil.. Great example, I hope that fight of Angel vs. Nightcrawler should have improved or have them separate short stories how they were discovered. I just don’t like the underground theme then fighthing each other. Although Blob was there. hehe

Very slow pace of the actions and origins of Apocalypse. Yes, include his inconsistent voice! Geez, at first, you don’t know how he really works and why things happen. Then his voice, I love his voice when manipulating but the other times, I don’t know I have mixed emotions about it. It was not consistent but I don’t blame Oscar Isaac for it. But like I said, give this film a break. hehe

Lastly, I don’t why but despite changing the real line up of XMEN, and I liked it.. Mystique taking over? No kidding right? I’m not sure or correct me if that really happened but I hope it can change in the future and as the XMEN story goes, Mystique I think won’t stay or did not stay as leader. It just I felt, confused. I mean that because Mystique’s confusing or mysterious personality she has. I don’t know how she will handle a team like that with different motives.

Oh yes, another one, damn.. I hope they put in the real strong Horsemen of Apocalypse. They got it right with Psylocke and Angel, but the other two, I don’t know.. Maybe they did this to fight with Civil War or BvS. Damn BvS, this is their damn fault!!! hehe

Well, enough of those flaws. Let’s move forward that some of it, better than DOFP! First, the story made sense and it has good storyline. I mean, despite that confused start, you can understand why it all happened in the end, in a great way! I mean, how Apocalypse got his horsemen, how the hell rag tag XMEN was built. How the fight and struggles went. Although I don’t like the CG in the destruction sequence but it made sense how Apocalyspe will destroy Earth. I love the mind sequences of Professor X. And yes, don’t forget how Magneto awaken his hatred! That scene was very heart wrenching. I thought I mean, they can make a solo Magneto film right? Until the end, it just made sense. It was not hyper active like DOFP but it’s better than First class. Way better because all the characters made their important parts. No waste or scene filler characters, except for Jubillee? hehe

Second one, damn action sequences!!! The action sequences were few but damn, I can say, it’s worth it! Quicksilver’s scene, that was fun and thrilling! The scene where Apocalypse getting into the mind of Prof X. Oh the final fight of course, way scary and I thought all is lost in that scene.. But great thing, XMEN has the winning card. hehe And yes, the most, I mean that one scene really made me jumped from my sitting, wow, at last, even for a short while.. Weapon X!!!! Damn, if they did that a very long time ago, that will be like one of the great superhero film adaptations made.. Well, it’s better late than never!

Third, wow, the cast made their marks. I don’t like Cyclops but I like him now after watching this film. hehe Storm, Nightcrawler, Angel, and oh god, Olivia Munn nailed Psylocke! That’s like.. Wow! Then the usual suspects, Beast, Magneto, Apocalypse, Prof X, Havok which darn why?!. Agent Moira which I did not mind in first class now she added that sweet touch in the film. You’ll see why. Yes, even JLaw’s Mystique shouldn’t have that big role but she just nailed that role even with fewer scenes than the other 2. Special mention, Sophie Turner!! Ah sorry, Jean Grey. At first glance, I thought Saoirse Ronan but after looking again, nah.. But wow, she has a future with Jean Grey. I’ll watch GoT cause of her.. =) I can say, if they will go to that Phoenix route, she is fit for that role.  Ah yes, Hugh Jackman even for the shortest time. But best shortest time he showed up! Don’t forget Quicksilver. hehe

Lastly, give credit to the crew, lead by the director Bryan Singer. I mean even with that rushed CG, I love how he assembled the characters and then fit in to this film. I never felt this film was long. Maybe the first minutes but after that, everything fell into the right place! Of course you want more characters but he made it like these characters are enough for the story so stick with it. It did. Damn good. hehe I liked that how Apocalypse defeated even the odds and yeah, Apocalypse at last, a really strong villain unlike with the Marvel films. Except for Loki of course.. But how this film went.. It was great! Give credit to all of them and Bryan Singer.

I admit watching these 3 films, although of course, the second XMEN before was great, I enjoyed this storyline better. They kept the consistent storyline with great actors on it. They input youth and fan service that they done right. I suggest that whatever happens next, they maintain that. Or they can split films after this like XForce or XFactor right?

It just sad that some of the strong villains or character was either did not include or just taken out after one movie (I didn’t know that Sebastian shaw and Emma Frost are that strong, why they were removed) but well, that’s business goes and they want to have this for a longer run. Why they can’t apply that right moves to Fantastic Four? hehe

Anyway, even this can’t keep up with the Avengers or Marvel efforts, I can say, they done a great job for these series. It made me forget the old Xmen movies and focus on the new ones. Especially what they did with DOFP? Why watch the old ones?

Well, about those last scenes and the post movie scene, it’s weird but I’m looking forward to it for the next XMEN flicks!

I rank this, second to DOFP then first class was the weakest link due to action scenes.

Ah yes, I rarely do this, just disregard the critics saying about this film. I don’t know why they did not like this. This is indeed way better than BvS. A bit better than Avengers 2.. So, guys, just give this a try and be patient.

Don’t follow blind leaders.


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