Fifth at the Feast!

Kakatuwa naman that for the past months eh may mga flashbacks ako nakikita.. Like yun dating CG head ko kinasal na.. Yun mga ka CG dati ko masaya. Tapos eto lang nakita ko yun bulletin na nakafeature yun CG namin. Tapos yun LST na nakakatuwa na natapos lang last week. All of these moments were fun and yet solemn. Especially I’m in this great community for 5 years! Oh God..

I’m getting older. Hehe This time let’s do some recap kung ano ano na nangyari at some facts while I’m here sa LOJ community and the Feast!

  • Dati 3 sessions lang siya, namely 8am, 10:45am at 4pm. Ngayon grabe! There are like what 7 sessions? Hehe 8am, 9am, 10:45am, 11:30am, 1:15pm ata, 3pm at 4pm! Whew.. That is due many people want to enjoy the grace of God. =)
  • I’m more of 8am person kaso dahil sa CG these days sa 12:30pm eh napunta ako ng 9am. I tried yun mga later sessions, kaso nakakatamad saka iba talaga pag morning. Hehe
  • Bro Bo shows up in the first 3 morning sessions. Other builders cover the afternoon sessions. I wonder kakapagod siguro un 3 times ka magpreach in the same day and way. Hehe
  • Dati picc lang ang venue but due to the new skeds and many attendees, naexpand na by using other venues like yun reception hall and aliw theater at star theater.
  • Ang CG meeting these days became simpler and shorter but same effect! Unlike before na parang 3 sessions na natapos eh ang CG meeting di pa tapos! Haha now maiksi at orderly but some fun and holy encounter with the group. Another surprise, hiwalay na un boys and gals. May reasons pala. Hmmmm hehe
  • Erik still leads yun mass every 3rd or last Sunday ng month. Kaso once lang due to his health. Then un ibang priests rumble na. Hehe But Fr. Alex and Fr. Titus still there saka minsan Fr. Bob. I missed some priest and I wonder where are they?
  • Yun music ministry eh simple band and choir lang dati.. But now dahil sa dami ng sessions, dumami sila and doing great job! Kaso napaisip din ako, mas mahirap ginagawa nila now dahil lead ng worship sila na din.hehe give credit to them for leading great worship!
  • Dati si Bro. Bo lang lahat ng talks niya siya lead at same style. Now parang 50% of the time siya at the rest, other preachers. Great thing they did that para may variety and para madigest din yun message ni Lord.
  • It’s sad na dahil sa dami ng sessions, wala na un autograph session ni Bro Bo after ng sessions. Buti pala nakapunta ako at nagpapirma na ko! Hehe
  • Of course there are other preachers na gusto ko din at kakamiss like Bro. Alvin or Bro. Arum and even k5. Well ok na ko sa picc even with different preachers. =)
  • Ah yeah! Through the years di lang God’s word or Jesus Love ang nareceive ko. But more on life lessons and yes even other facets like financial, career and even health. All in one great place!
  • Ah yun kanta while taking the communion eh 80% sure yun ang song for main worship. Hehe
  • Ah for those gusto ng kerygma magazine pero can’t afford magsubscribe.. Punta lang kayo feast every sunday at one sunday of the month, nagpapamigay sila ng new issue ng kerygma mag. Hehe
  • I can’t imagine I’ve met a lot of people here from all walks of life and some friends.. I can say I’m in a community talaga. Thank God. =)
  • Outreach program is the best way to feel that not only you’re blessed but you’re doing simple great things for others.
  • Hmmmm for the record 3 palit lang ko ng CG head in these years. Loyal ako. Hehe
  • Yes, I missed like 1 year and a half in this community due to commitments and it was sad for me. Darn.. I missed a lot!
  • I tried to go to my local feast pero I’m like a pigeon.. Kung san nakatira at nakakulong dati na bahay, dun ka pa din babalik. Haha
  • Until now I don’t dance sa worship lalo na un talon! Oh Lord. Haha I’m just poor at that. I do sing naman. Oh!
  • Everytime I come here, I always feel like first timer. Always fresh and new. I said nga na parang weekly retreat na to for me. Thank God for this gathering!
  • Haha until now di pa ko nakakapag love life retreat! Target ko yan this year!
  • With all these experiences, I felt Jesus’s love always. Kahit di naman ako perpekto or I failed most of the time.. He assures me one thing.. He is always at my side. =) The grace and strength he brings.. Just makes me calm and peace. I’m very grateful for that.
  • .. Time to serve. Haha
  • Dami na pala, so thanks LOJ for pointing me into the right path with Him. =)
  • Ah yes, kahit matagal na ko dito, after the first time ako pumunta dito wayback.. I never went to that first time attendees. May libre palang novena to God’s love at cupcake dun! Haha

A lot more info that I want to discuss but parang ok na to for me. For 5 years, I always thank God thru this community, I can grow inside and out. I discovered a lot of things that surprised me or sometimes scared me..

But one thing is for sure..

There is always light in midst of darkness!

The light of Jesus.. =)


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