Ring! Ring!

(QC last part)

Hmmm Eastwood and Cubao are really great places to work. I mean, without the traffic, everything you need and want are there. Eastwood a great example of a balance between class and affordability. I said that because when you hear Eastwood, it sounds, well expensive.

But once you roam around the place or even go further, there are places that gives value for money. Great example, intrepid! Oh I miss that place, even it’s not that look nice or clean, but the food served there. That’s what I call value for money. One eatery has great boneless chicken with gravy plus rice meal for only 60php! hehe Then other one oh my god, Kalburger!!!! Big wide burger for 150 php only, then you won’t eat another burger until next week. hahaha
Then the best, brown paper bag! Everyday, you’ll eat different home cooked dishes and value for money!! Friendly and cool staff also makes this resto works. I missed those places. Just one advise for this resto, just avoid eating there lunch time in a payday. You don’t want to be disturbed by drunkards fighting while you are peacefully eating. hahahaOh don’t forget, MDC 100 itself.. Well, before it has a food court but due to it’s high lease, it closed for sometime. But it has Mcdonalds and Mercury Drug for cheap snacks and drinks. Way cheaper than Mini Stop! Then, if you have money, eat at Tropical Hut! hehe
Then if you have a lot of money, stroll inside Eastwood and you’ll find a lot! Cybermall has the cheap finds or kiosk. Then you go to the bar area and great resto there like Something Fishy, known for it’s cheap buffet. Then yes, don’t forget the Cinema! Oh, one of the best cinema houses, despite small chairs. The sound, atmosphere with good audience, I love watching there if I have time and effort. hehe
Then, if you have a date, bring him/her at Eastwood Mall! With high street selections plus high end restos, you’ll love staying there, for your time. Not very long time. Then, that’s it…
Yes, the biggest or the only problem in Eastwood? Traffic. Especially holiday season, don’t go there even at wee hours. I cannot comprehend why through the years, traffic got worse at this place? Now, they even placed a stop light at the entrance of Eastwood City then the jeep stop became almost unreachable. You need to go at Ford to ride a Jeep, if you can. Rush hour here is like Makati, the only difference is it’s near to my house than of course Makati.

Quezon City for me, a great place to work with. I mean despite the traffic, most of the commercial places now has BPO spaces!! Even SM North became a CVG site then right across, SM put up cyberbuilding! Then, yeah ETON, Araneta, and the first one, Eastwood… All of those places became a great place to work with. That’s the reason why, most of my recent work experiences are only in my hometown!
Not only it’s easy to go there, but also you can refresh, eat or most of all, buy! It’s near malls, restaurants, even pubs or a colliseum! Then, unlike Makati, I can go home, less than an hour, especially if there is no traffic. Sweet home indeed.. Less stress. hehe
Despite all this, well this place is not my number 1.
The number one is!!!!


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