Unplanned 27

Yes, last month was 75 then bakit now, balik 27? hehehe Well, just giving you a glimpse on what I’m doing now.. I’m kinda of revamping and transferring my blog from blogspot to wordpress. Unfortunately, I need to check each of the… I’ll give the whole number later. hehe

I found out lang na yun unplanned series eh missed the number 27. I lost count pala at yun ibang post, duplicate yun number. Kaya I need to fix it at eto, maayos na. You’ll see it a bit later this month!

Hmmmm eto, I need more Japanese students to teach english. It’s weird but fun. Weird, I’ll discuss that later and fun kasi they just absorb what I teach. I have no experience though in this work. Thank God, I have a new work and yun plan ay nagkakatotoo at start. Di pa to ang full goal ko. So may inaayos pa ko. For now, I’m focusing on how to increase the students. Iba pala pag independent contractor. The long word for being a freelance whatever you call it.

Ano pa, hai! Tapos na yun first 10 lessons of japanese but I can’t gauge yet kung kaya na kasi self study eh. Di ko pa memorize yun katakana pero malapit na yun. hehe

Ah! Ganda ng series ng ALA at RoS! Gaya kanina, 50/50 balls lang, nasilat yun Alaska. Mananalo yan sa Game 3. hehe Pero di ako malungkot na matalo Alaska kasi sila naman dalawa yun gusto ko sa PBA. Yun iba, ayun pabora bora lang muna. hahaha

NBA, saka na lang natin idiscuss yan. Basta ang maganda, kala mo sweep pero may mga lumalaban pa. Masaya tong second round na playoffs.

Hmmmm For now, I hope by next week, I’m done the transfer of my posts. Geez, it’s very very very…

Tedious. =(

ah nahanap ko pala siya! tagalog, di planado, since 2011. hahaha Bwisit!


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