Not Showing: Where to Invade Next?

It’s been a while that I haven’t watched a Michael Moore documentary. I kind of miss this dude. Great thing, he has a new documentary and all I can say was…
It’s the lightest documentary he made. His topic for this one was simple. What ideas he can steal from European countries and apply it to the America… It’s pretty simple isn’t it?
downloadNope. Anyway, the only thing that bothered me in this documentary was it’s fun all throughout. I knew he took a light or fun approach, and I think it’s the first time he did it, but I felt something lack after watching 2 hours in a Michael Moore documentary. I mean, most of his films were interesting, shocking, a bit of fun, original and lastly, a sense of urgency. A sense of angst that we should make a move against like greed in Capitalism: A love story. How about we should fight the correct war on Fahrenheit 9/11 as its inner motive.
In this film, although I get his point but that sensibility, it’s simply not there. Like for example, Germany did not hide the fact that Nazi’s really spread chaos on WWII and they accepted it but made amends. Look at them now. Then point this idea to USA, they won’t accept or admit the slavery, discrimination or even slaughter of the first natives. I was surprised that no museum built for these events in their long history. They do have monuments or museums to commemorate 9/11 or heroes of ward, but not their first history. Those points, I mean, US should have done that. No need for this documentary to show it.
Anyway, enough of that one flaw. Two great things I love this documentary! First is Michael Moore, on how he directed this film, I can say despite his kinda frail posture but he had a great time. If I’m in his position, I’ll stay or live in the places he went. No need to come back to USA and retire in the Eurozone. hehe You can say he had fun not only going into this places, but his reaction on each great idea that can be applied back in USA. None of those ideas will ever apply in the USA unless there is political will. He enjoyed like the scene he went to Finland about their near perfect education system.
I hope all schools are like that, it just make damn sense. Then Michael went to Norway about the prison system which I called a great rehabilitation center. Wow! I don’t want to leave prison if that is the scene and environment you’ll leave right? hehe Michael also did a great job in editing, because he did not make it hard for the people to follow in documentary. Its a fun, light and curious documentary indeed.
Lastly, the ideas he got from those visits. It gave me an clear overview why these european countries strive in the governance index. I mean I searched in google about that ranking in governance then long and behold.. Almost all of the countries in the top 10 are in this film. I don’t know in Slovenia, but I want to go there due to the free great college education. I don’t know if you are a Philippine citizen, you can apply for free college. hehe But gosh, these countries are not only highest in governance but also in happiness and well being index. Decriminalize drugs, proper sex education to youth, muslim women in parliament, a big bank headed by Women.. Labor union has 50% representation in the board of directors.. The list goes on. Wow, some of the countries there not included in EU and still they strived to be the best.
It means, there are societies that living very happy. Not boasting firepower or a lot of reserves or profits. They just want to live simple, happy and respected. This film gave glimpse that countries who can’t do changes in their respective systems such as politics, education, or even financial has hope. I know it’s not easy but after watching this film, damn it’s possible.
It’s the only matter of execution and discipline, in the right way. One point of view that changed me was death penalty. I am ok at death penalty if needed at first but after watching this film, especially that scene which prisons in Norway looks like great offices or a resort, they do rehabilitation, not punishment.. I think we can do that here in our country. I suggest, put the criminals not in jail, but the other islands we have, do rehab and they will change. It works.
There were a lot of interesting ideas but I better suggest you watch this film and set back, relax and see what a country should be. Caring for all the people and listening what’s the best for all. Not only for the few.
Well, sad to say, USA won’t do anything or even copy the systems that this film shows. Geez..
They can’t even stop policing around the world. They can’t even apply the right law enforcement by themselves.
Now, I’m most inclined that US drops further in my choices of best countries.
I feel I want to put Germany or Norway in my like top 3. hahaha
I hope Michael was able to visit us..
I just don’t know what idea he can steal from us..
Maybe balut?


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