crushes: Tilda Swinton


Well, this time, hmmmm Let’s go to older women. At this time, she is the oldest woman I listed in this series. 55 years old! Hahaha I can’t believe she looks like one. Anyway, the first time I saw was in the movie Michael Clayton, with George Clooney. Great thing she won an Oscar for her role as a very hell bent lawyer. Then, when I got her name at that film, I followed her since then.

tilda_swinton_72737The only thing I did not like about her, hmmmm there was some films that she is very thin. Like that film we need to talk about Kevin. I know she needs to be thin at that film but her looks, just so unusual. But other than that, she looks great! Even in Snowpiercer and Great Budapest Hotel, yeah, weird looks but when you look closely, she is damn. Remove the make up and there she is, very beautiful androgynous woman.

Hmmm she also beautiful in Moonrise Kingdom, or the White Witch in the Narnia series, or how about Trainwreck! Damn, I don’t think she is 55 at that movie, maybe 40 ish? hehe But the one film that I can say, she is damn gorgeous and wont’ really care about her age, Only Lovers Left Alive. Damn, a perfect fit with Tom Hiddleston! Her voice there, doesn’t sounds like old. But her presence there in the film, very striking and beautiful.. I can just stare at here and don’t mind the film is running. hehe

Yes, her wholeness, she is very fit to a model which she had a background. Even in that figure, her face just beaming with confidence in every angle. You can put her in any clothes set up or how about roles? From very old in the Grand Budapest Hotel to the very eternal beauty in Only Lovers Left Alive. Or that simple yet striking lawyer in Clayton. That beauty of hers, seems just unforgettable. There are few actresses I can say that kind of image.. Tilda is one, actually Cate Blanchett is another one but for this time, I’ll put Tilda first. Maybe I’ll do the post for Cate later.

Damn, how beautiful she is? Guys put together into her will have a run in their money. hehe Because of her image, some angles, she is more beautiful than men. Crazy right? How about the Doctor Strange stills of her? Can you believe the original role should be a dude, but I don’t know why she was cast.

Never mind.. She looks great as that oriental suit, even bald. =)


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