Transporter Refueled

Yes, you are reading it right. I’m a transporter film fan, even I did not watch the short TV series. hehe Well at the first news they said that a new actor will act for the transporter, I was skeptic who will act this one. They also planned that to reboot the story.  I don’t what Besson is doing for his past films, even they were produced by him. I think the only one I can say successful film he produced, was Lucy. But that was not really good film, story wise. 

Anyway, months later and while I’m doing my collection for transporter film, I said that I should get this film and add it. Thanks for the more free time, I kinda experiment this film, watch it right away.

One hour and a half later, I was blown away! Blown away how bad it was. Easily the worst film from the series. I can’t believe they still shown this in theaters and saved me wasting couple of hundred bucks for this fantastic crap!

Many things made this film bad. First thing, sloppy action scenes! Except for that airport car scenes, everything was bad. It’s almost watching a b movie action flick. The sound editing or effects for this film were bad. I don’t know if the punches thrown were strong or what. It’s kinda lame and choreography which you would expect great or at least, good in a transporter film, absent. The one I hate was that shot when the transporter was walking while his car was just rolling without hand brake. 

I cannot understand why they added that scene. Unbelievable waste of time. Another thing, very bad screenplay. Although it was saved due to the twist in the story, but the dialog and the story, how it was presented, I was almost lost and slept. Even the film was only like short. Combined with poor action scenes then bad screenplay, this happened to me. hahaha Third thing, bad supporting cast, besides with Ed Skrein and Ray Stevenson, the whole supporting cast was poor. Never mind that I don’t know the cast but I hope they kinda made an effort to improve acting. How bad it is? I thought the policeman was a villain. I don’t know if he was with the bad guys, or a good police. Plus the main villains, I don’t know, they were not that scary and at the same time, they also don’t know what to do in the film. Geez. Ah yes, sorry, the girls, they look good and that’s it. Acting wise, poor. 

Lastly, the direction of the film, I don’t know if Besson looked at it while shooting the film. I don’t know, if this was an action flick or suspense. It was more like kidnapping film. Especially what happened to Ray Stevenson’s character. Damn, even he was quite unlucky, he doesn’t look like worried. He was having fun, too much fun. Weird right? He was having fun getting kidnapped by lovely ladies. hehe 

Well, not all things were bad. 2 factors that served as bright spots. First, was the good cinematography. It was bright enough and balanced, film looks good, just good enough. Another thing, Ed Skein and Ray Stevenson. I was surprised that dude was too good looking as the transporter but I accept that. I have no questions about this action skills as he did that simply in Deadpool. I just hoped that the action choreo did in this film was different. Stat’s transporter was fast paced and frentic. This one, if they want it slow, like taken.. Slow yet effective, they should do it properly. With a good script and action plan, Ed’s transporter will be good because he’s more great looking and young. Ray Stevenson as Frank’s father, he was good! He did bring not only the fun but at least the sense in this film. I hope he’ll be there always if they will go through. Another good thing, cost cutting! hahaha With that face paced making this film and bunch of unknown actors and tight setting.. They saved a lot of money. 

It has been a long time I haven’t bashed a film, so it’s a good thing for me. hehe Yes, because of this bad film.. I did not put this in my collection. No need. 

Unfortunately, I have other films, more films that I just saved but did not watch it like this. These films, I can say, just a waste in my HDD memory. 
Poor me..  I kept most of these… Crap films. 


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