Nah, I don’t write Berserk. That’s Miura sensee job. hehe But surprisingly, after some searching accidentally, I ended up happy to hear that this series is back, in TV!!!! Wow! I heard the news before that there will be new 3 movies but this news came as a surprise. Even Miura will write a new novel in this coming summer. He has no choice to do the new chapter in summber because the TV series is produced by himself.
Anyway, I just realised that when watching GoT, that novel or movie compare to this story Berserk, it will have a big gap. Big difference and yes, I can say GoT is lame. Why? Check the novel of this one.
If I will compare in detail, the space won’t be enough. Of course, there will be naysayers or critics about the comparison but we as fans, can fight it until the end. hehe Although, I gave it a thought that due to the mystical or magical part of the story, GoT has an advantage if we compare it only with the band of hawk arc. But overall, nah, I thought of not to compare it anyway.
I just put that thought as some  fans comparing this to GoT. Great right? Even with the short teasers about this new TV series, I can’t help but thrilled in the quality they will be using.. The mixture of 2D and 3D that they used in the last movie is important to make this series work. We can now see, the real blackswordsman! hahaha Swinging with his dragon slayer! Kill those bastards!!!!  With the great OST and yes, the only question remains…
What arc or story they will use? How long they will do it? As you see, ehem Berserk is famously known with a great story development, artwork (which is still unmatched even the great 3rd movie was shown) and yes, very violent content. I’ll be surprised if all of the sudden, with all the omissions they did in the new films, they put all the details in the new TV series! What I’m talking about? The sadistic bishop or priest, the first real scene in the manga which was shocking… The number of childrenGuts killed up to this point.. The rapes of all kinds, yes.. The corruption of people and even the monsters. Even the stories of people why sacrifice for a behelit’s power.. The berserker armor! The adventure of the crew of Guts faced..  Those things, I don’t know if they will be more graphic in this new series. But the violence? That’s given and it should happen in the new series. We just hope, they will create or make the story intact with in the manga. I’m not saying translate that vast story, but the feeling of the whole story, like hope, very desperate, love, and rage, adrenaline rush and yes, berserk. Add the great characters of the story, which made this novel, a masterpiece in the first place.
That’s the biggest difference of the manga and TV/Movies adaptation, the action scenes, the look of the characters are more visual and alive. Don’t forget, it shows the real ability of my best anime hero the blackswordsman! How he kills with his small sword! hahaha

Anyway, I’m quite get ahead of myself, and I’ll just chill and wait until July!!!

Tadai ma, Kuroi Kenshin!


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