Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The last time I watched a movie in IMAX was Iron Man 2. I suppose that it was kinda a very bad sign. That feeling of uneasy started, well thanks to that final trailer! Great job!

I had a whole day thlinking it’s not how good it was but it’s more of how they could have done or at least made it right. Yes, I even posted as this film compared to Pacquiao vs. Mayweather mega ultra super fight which it ended up, a money making grab machine that we felt lost. Inevitably.
I was surprised, that after the film ended, I mean when that final shot was shown, everybody clapped! They had a very great time. Anyway, yes I’m ranting about it but still, I can say, it was worth the IMAX viewing and worth collecting. But watching it again.. I’ll wait for the following flicks from this DC universe they put in.

Let’s go straight to the major flaws. First one, well.. Editing! There were a lot of scenes that I was surprised it’s happening all of the sudden without any build up or explanation then it’s finished. One great example, the future scene. I can’t believe they needed that scene and put it in the story. I was confused especially how it ended. They could have like remove it. How about the intro scenes of Batman, they could done like as a recurring nightmare bits by bits or just cut it off. The jumping of scenes of Superman’s arch and Batman’s arch.. It’s just I did not follow it.

Another problem, dialogue/screenplay. Oh, yes, it’s like indeed sucker punch. I don’t know what the screenwriters did or what WB planning to do, what are there goals for this film but it has a lot of stories, it just did not work as a single plot. Oh no, especially at that last part of the film, I mean on all the reason that Bat and Superman fought was because of a threat. Geez.. They could made it simpler at the beginning. Man of Steel has a fun factor, this one, only some few, very few fun dialogue or moments. It’s just they tried to make it all work but ended up, almost failed. Even some action scenes done, I don’t know, some of it just did not make sense. Like what happened to Lois Lane, I don’t know why they thought of making her the saving grace. Geez.. There were also a lot of like this happened. Yes, I felt that the movie, despite 3 years of waiting to make it happen, it was so rushed and just put it together like it has a very tight deadline. No kidding..

Flaw number 3, it was very long. It dragged me some time and yes, if they fixed the first 2 major issues, I won’t feeling this way. But it was very long and some scenes should have removed or at least improved. I don’t know how the director’s cut of 3 hours will help this movie. I’ll definitely wait for that cut, coz Zack done that in Watchmen and it kinda help. I don’t know with this one. First hour was all talking, political then shifts to a thriller because of Batman and very few action scenes. Then at the second part, it became more action but less talking then I hope the Mega Battle was long but it was short, abrupt but awesome. I hope well, my suggestions below definitely helps the movie.

Lastly, the last biggest flaw. Doomsday! There were other flaws but I kinda forgave it and just focus in the major ones.. This one, I can’t let it pass. the problem of the film at the first part of it was for movie critcs. For fans of the characters, I think they can forgive the other flaws, but I don’t they will let it pass the Doomsday part. It’s like, this villain can be in Man of Steel 2 or 3. Or may justice league movie in the future. But yes, sorry for the spoiler.. Blame the final trailer and it is true. It’s Doomsday and yes, it finished fast. It’s like Red Skull in Cap America or Ultron in the last year’s Avengers. Great entrance, last appearance! Damn… It really dashed my expectations. Red Skull or Ultron, or even Bane in DKR had a longer time in the film, this one, it has very short appearance. But scary appearance. I just hope, they just let BvS run the fight until the end or different villain. Rushed is rushed. Sorry..

Another flaws like the CGI was very evident especially the final arch. Understandable due to the scale of destruction but it was not really polished. Another dent was the intro of the other Justice League members. I thought Aquaman will show in the drowning scene, or Flash will just pass by, Cyborg will be Cyborg. No idea about him, or how about Green Lantern.. But sorry, the only great appearance stood out besides the 2 main characters, was Wonder Woman.

Only 4 things struck me in this movie. First, great visual treat especially in IMAX. I loved how picture shown in IMAX especially the climatic battle of BvS and some normal scenes look great. Slow motion as a staple in the film works, but not all the scenes. It’s like 60-40, more scenes worked in slow motion than other scenes.

Another thing I love was the basic concept. Batman vs. Superman. Period. Great looking Superman then a rugged, scary and big Batman fighting each other. Despite it was not executed thru substance, they made it look good. I hope that their big fight was extended a few minutes more. I hope their first meeting was not that short. It has great looking settings, except the last parts especially when Doomsday shows up. My only concern that was the shots when someone thrown in the building or high in the sky or goes thru buildings. I hope they focus it more than it was focus out from the camera. Its like too far and the buildings are bigger than the hereos. But it still great looking and very visually appealing.

Batman’s character, was a great asset in this film. I was wrong about Ben Affleck being the Bat and damn he delivered. At last, he has a role he can deliver and be great into it. I was smiling that a batman with a big body, old man yet, a killing machine went into screen. I love that Batman in the full armor suit. I thought he’ll be like Iron Man, but he did not. So, he still did not fly. hehe But Ben as Bruce Wayne is just right and I hope, not trilogy again. Just one Batman film starring Ben will be great. Even this Bat was slow, well he’s old, but that grit and scary big guy, that’s a badass Batman.
Lastly, the actors did their job just fine. Except, for Jessie Eissenberg as Lex Luthor. It’s like if other critics call it like Riddler that was high. I describe Jessie’s take on Lex was like FB’s founder when became psychotic. I mean, Lex I saw him as a quiet rich dude who knows what to do despite he did not know how to do it. I mean, he’s not a scientist but he knows he can defeat Superman. Things like that. He’s a leader and a menace to Superman. I just remember Jessie’s role in the social network and yes, he just done it again, the only difference, he’s hyperactive.  Other roles, like Amy Adams as Lois Lane was good except what she was advised to do. Alfred! Oh my God, Jeremy Irons is perfect as Alfred. Another different Alfred here, he’s more of a partner, than a butler here. I like it. Then Ben Affleck, cool and menacing Batman.. I love the batcave, his batmobile, the batplane and his weapons as well. Henry Cavill as superman, same in the Man of Steel, very composed and not really exagerrating.

Due to his fewer screen time, I love Man of Steel than this one. But he still did a great job. How about Kevin Costner, despite a really nonsense scene, still good being Clark’s dad. Diane Lane also did a good job still as mom of Bruce despite the short time. Gal Gadot! Wonder Woman yeah. Give her a movie now. hehe The role is fit for her but the problem, is the Wonder Woman’s story. Yeah.. So I hope they’ll do the spinoff right for her. I was looking for the invisible jet though. hehe Despite the failures of the screenplay, these actors made the film running and yeah, I love the cast. Even Holly Hunter as the senator, which sad to say, cut short.

Ok, I can’t believe that despite I watched the reviews days before the release, I did not believe them. At the time the reviews were there, I kinda hoped for the best. But after 2 and a half hours of mayhem, unanimously, I agreed with them.

I hope or thought of these suggestions that before making this film, help to make it great. One, they could just create Man of Steel 2, then another Batman film with suprise cameo of Wonder Woman, then pit off in BvS. Or if WB doesn’t want to wait and yes, their eagerness to beat marvel shown in this film flaws. They rushed to build the excitement for Justice League by showing those funny cameos. Oh God, I hope they had a better intro for Cyborg.

Anyway, WB can make this film but focus in the simpler approach why BvS will happen. No Batman intro, just make him appear right away and do what he needs to do how to defeat Superman. No Lex Luthor or Doomsday. That plot of accidentally, Superman destroying Gotham was enough good story they can build on and fight. Nothing more or less, right?

Yes, I recommend, that for Justice League, put another director please. Zack done his job, I can give him Man of Steel 2 or even Batman solo film. But not Justice League. Please WB, make the right choice.

Well, thanks to this, I’m now waiting for Civil War than ever. I already planned to skip this Civil War unless some of my friends will invite me to watch. But I changed my mind, no friend or alone, I’ll watch Civil War.

I just thought of the X Men  apocalypse. This is also the reason why instead the real 4 horsemen of Apocalypse villains, they used Storm, Psylocke, Magneto and Angel against the XMen. Besides, they’re under Fox anyway. Of course, I’ll never miss that film. I’m anticipating this than Civil War.
Suicide Squad? Oh yes, I really ignore that one but after watching this.. I’ll line up for that movie!
I still recommend this movie but if you have a chance to avoid it and not curious about it.
Not a bad choice. Wait for the next films indeed.

I’ll just watch Daredevil vs. Punisher for the mean time from Netflix.

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