Legend (2015)

I saw first the trailer of this film and I was shocked that you’ll see not one but two Tom Hardy’s in one flick! Based on a true story?! I don’t how he pulled it off but I hope it will show here.

Months later, it was shown here but sorry, my source got first. hahaha I thought of watching it in the cinemas but hmmm, save some money first.

Gladly, I did the later part. But it doesn’t mean I totally shun this movie in cinemas. I mean, you can still watch it in the cinema but I don’t know if it’s really worth it.

Let’s go straight with the flaws. One, the film moves very fast. I mean, most good or great gangster flicks have a bit slow story development but it has great origins. Like for Scarface, who has a bit of origin, but it works. You know right away his drive to be a gangster. This one, it goes straight to the twins having a pub and running their gang. I hope if they just made it longer, they can do it 2 films or at least 2 and a half hours.

Two, despite a great cast, you can only choose like 3 characters you can  like or even follow. One good example, Taron Edgerton’s character. Damn, I am interested in his role but he has only small lines and not really important in the film. How about the investigator following the twins? I hope they did expand the list of  characters surrounding the twins.

Third issue, for a gangster film, it has small amount of action scenes. Although those scenes were intense and so packed, it was short and few. I hope there were more, a bit more, but unfortunately, even some shocking scenes, it was short and more dialogue driven. Some time in the film, I almost got confused, especially with the british dialogue.

However, two things stand out in this film. First one, the simple plot. Although some great gangster flicks have some complex plot. This one, it only centers to the twins, how they work and how the people around them got influenced. I just feel sad to the exwife of Reggie, to her demise. Anyway, the flow of the story was good and I hope they kinda fixed it more or further. Second thing I loved was Tom Hardy’s performance! I checked in the internet how the Kray Twins look like, Tom’s prescence kinda got it because the twins were damn big. Not only that, how Tom acted not only for one role, but two roles at the same time. I don’t what trick or CG they done it but Tom should have at least gave credit for that. One was a very psychotic, Ron Kray which I love more than Reggie. I love more Ron because Tom Hardy can really act psychotic and yeah, gay. From Bronson and Rock and Rolla right? So he just mixed those roles with a dash of 60’s gangster boss. Although I felt for Reggie’s character, that he won’t do anything bad to his twin brother, even he’s damn crazy. One scene I was kinda attached to it was their fight in the bar. After that scene, I kinda looked to Algerro and said to myself, damn.. I don’t know what to do if I’m in that situation. Emily Browning’s character, even with the poor writing and bad ending for her, I love her looks, very classical and what she did. It was just right for her.

Ah yes, I think, without Tom Hardy’s acting performance, the film failed big time. It will be  waste watching it in the cinema. But great thing, I think that’s the worth of the ticket, one of his best performances.

Oh, after watching the film, better to search the news about the twins, and oh boy, I was shocked. They edit a lot to  fit into one film. Kinda shocked about those twins. If some of the facts shown in the film were shocking, do a lot of research then.

Are they really a legend?

Damn those bloody twins. That’s all I can say.


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