Ring! Ring!


part eight

ACN – Yes, they have a big building at the back that houses, mostly, HMO accounts and clients. I’ve never tried going there, even they have scheduled training there. hehe

CVG – Ah not in the cybermall if I’m mistaken, they have a separate center in MDC 100. I don’t know the account it has there, but what I know, they have US account.

WNS – Well, some of my former trainees went here, no idea what accounts they have but what I heard, very low pay. And they have Airline account which I don’t really suggest working into.
Dell – Of course, one of my favorite centers. However, I don’t think they are the same today. I don’t know what they handle these days. I know they added a HMO account. What I’m very sure of, they are not like that what they used to be before.

Stellar – Surprisingly, despite the very low pay, and have some lucky bonus, I stayed for long. hahaha Well, due to the happy, easier work and some important benefits.. I kinda stayed long. I don’t know if you can survive with that small pay and no allowance. But if you can, why not?

ANZ – Despite a lot of big Australia banks that had outsource, this is the only bank who kinda took risk early and have an inhouse center here. There is one in Makati, solaris building. Then the second one here.. Of course, I took the exam and first interview but well, of course, I was not lucky. Definitely, one thing is for sure.. Great pay and benefits. Especially if there is a Philippine Holiday, they don’t have work. Australian Holiday, they don’t have work as well. That’s around, almost 1
month of free leave on top of the VL’s you’ll have. Wow!! Other than that. Well, try it for yourself!

HGS – Suprisingly, from one center now they became big! They know have a center in the 1880 then they have a center in Alabang! They started small as having the only HMO account then expanded with Sony and AMEX then became bigger. Well, I passed the recruitment but due to the small pay and US account, I thought of giving up. But if you want to start, not bad if you start here.

If I miss another company, let me know. hahaha


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