Wow, after almost 2 hours of watching this flick.. Two things I learned. First, Ryan Reynold’s career will be revived. Another thing, it’s going to be like Iron Man 1 or Dredd film feeling. So damn right hero flick! hahaha After the first trailer shown last year, I was curious that Marvel will release a foul mouthed, violent hero flick?! Another surprise to me, was this anti-hero, it’s a fan favorite which I don’t have an idea of. That says, I’m kinda not really into comic book world these days or perhaps years. Although I love how he looks, I almost mistaken this hero to Snake Eyes or Spawn.

Anyway, no idea, but what I know, Ryan Reynolds will be it and he’s on the slump for the past years, especially got married so hmmmm he needs a big break. After watching a lot of teasers, commercials, spots and red band trailers.. Long and behold, the time has come.

Although it has some big flaws. Like Iron Man 1, it has really a weak villain. I mean, sorry to spoil but it just after Deadpool met him and got what he wanted, no other clues or whatsoever how the villain done it. Damn.. But I love the actor, gotta watch Transporter Refueled even it’s bad. hehe Another big flaw, yes, even it was shown very unconventional hero flick, the last parts were kinda generic. Geez, I hope there were different or unusual but yeah, the setting of the last parts and how the plot went.. Just generic including Gina Carano’s character. She’s stronger than the main villain! hehe Weird. Anyway.. I forgot the other thing, it has a lot of great action scenes but I felt, it can do more of it.

Don’t worry, I haven’t told of course, not only good but great parts of the film! First great part, I can’t believe how much creative freedom they got by just looking at that opening sequence! I was shocked and can’t help wonder, what will I be watching? hehe But believe me, just follow what it says, and it’s true. That’s all I can say. Another thing, speaking of the opening sequence.. I loved the editing for this film. It’s not really the usual hero origin stuff, I mean they shown like a crazy plot sequence so audience won’t be like bored or kinda pre emptive the film as it progresses. I loved how it presented the 3/4 parts of the film. Very unusual yet very satisfying! The use of CGI in this film, very sync. I mean, a lot of super hero films where they used CGI very rushed but in this film, it’s quite real. Case in point? Colossus! At last, a very great presentation of that hero and I liked his portrayal. I had fun and can’t believe that dude was in CG.

Another great thing, the cast of this film. Even Gina Carano is good at this film, even her character was not in form and yes Ed Skrein, that dude, kinda looks and acts good in screen huh. How about the main cast? Deadpool’s land owner very caring but high. haha Wade’s bar owner best friend, kinda wisecracking and I felt he’s really his best friend despite bad mouthing Wade. How about Wade’s girl? Without those, ehem scenes, she’s just right in the role. Lastly, Ryan Reynolds! I mean, at last, he can stick to this character for a long time and he’s like what Robert Downey did in Iron Man. Ryan nailed it and he’ll be Deadpool for a very long time!!! I know he followed the script well, but some of it, I felt he improvised those lines. Damn, I can’t believe he’s a good comedic actor. Well, I knew his roots were comedy but I can say Deadpool is attached to Ryan. No one else. The body, physical skills and the cracking of jokes, definitely nailed it!

Yes, the last thing made this film great, was the screenplay/script! I can’t think of a superhero flick, what more of a graphic novel adaptation in a film, that I really laughed out loud! I knew audiences got some great laughs at some of the scenes, but for me, some of the crude jokes or references, I got it right away. Especially one great example, the last scene when Deadpool visited Xavier’s school, he spoke the line why he got only those two to help him.. I was laughing. hehe And Deadpool’s choice of songs and OST then his jokes not only about the story but the studio, his past ehem roles, even Hugh Jackman! I mean, it’s like watching and stand up comedy hero action flick. Damn, Deadpool won’t just stop talking! hahaha He gave puns left and right, front and back, every part of the film. Geez. hehe

This film, proves that Marvel can do good when it comes to dark themed or adult themed comics. I mean they were able to do it in Blade then that’s it. They tried it in Ghost Rider but they went to the safe route. In Punisher, they can’t hold together. They tried it with Spiderman, it went awry.. I mean, I’m not asking they do it in all their characters like what DC’s going to do, but some characters, they just need to do it in the most correct way or real way. Look at Daredevil/Jessica Jones, despite I’m not watching those series but with the snippets I’m seeing, they are doing right. So Marvel, I hope they do a lot of these flicks.. I hope Deadpool, won’t be their last!

The post credits? Oh, the 80’s dudes will love this. I did not get it at first but I just remembered… It came from one of the legendary teen flicks! Yes, this film has a lot of references from old and new flicks.

It’s almost a classic but it just fell short due to character development and yes, he’s very anti hero. Like the last fight scene, after that serious talk of Colossus, then he just.. Anyway, it’s very unconventional and fun. =)

Oh yes, please, do not bring your kids, by any chance or any rate let them peak this film. Please.. Even 16 year olds, do not watch this. Stay away!!!!
“Let’s make some f*cking chimichangas!!!”


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