2 days ago, Valentine’s seems to be a normal day for me. For short, sounds bad. hahaha Hmmmm Darn, it’s been like 8 years now that I spent a real valentine?! Is that how time works fast these days? Definitely, it’s my fault that I’m still single, especially my dear sister who is referring someone to me. Oh God..
Well, do I really feel loveless? Simply not. I mean, come on if I felt loveless after that split, I won’t be here anyway.. I felt that despite, those hard circumstances, I received love anywhere or anybody else. Sometimes, I also forget to love myself but others seem to give me some. hehe God never stops loving indeed. Through his son, Jesus, for the past years, I kinda just take it for granted. But I was wrong, I just give up.. It’s my fault especially in my past mistakes or failures.. I do forget, to have some love left for me and other things I love to do…

I know I might sound, let’s say religious or what, but yeah, Valentine’s day happened coincidently on a Sunday. hahaha It happens as well, I had fun that time. Even I’m single, and everybody kinda rushing after the worship going into dates or stuff.. Me? I just went home and do some laundry and feel blessed. Yes, I know there were some luck occured to me for the past years but it’s not enough to be to succeed. I should say, more blessed because despite the things happened to me and others, we kept on going and getting these chances in life.

Love indeed keeps a person going thru this and I will make out most of it. I will build luck thru hard work and some risk to do and at the same time, doing what I want to do perhaps. Finding Love? I just let it come.. Besides that’s better than stressing myself looking for it. It’s proven anyway and it happened just years ago, it just came short. hahaha Love myself. Those words, put a smile on my face now..

Not selfish or selfless perhaps. Put some love to myself.
That starts soon!

For now, hmmmmm Where should I find more love?


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