Eye of the Beholder

“Creating a brillant connection for everyone”
– Not the exact phrase, showing in the wall..

As I lean to a wall facing that phrase, I can’t believe I’m just staring that wall and looking 2 columns of agents taking calls in a very queing day. What a refreshing feeling. A new role for me even I’m just a stand in for a SME who was on leave. 

I still can’t believe I was given a role for an interim SME. All of the sudden.. To tell you the truth, I was given this role since, ehem last month. A great blessing. A great start for the year. After all those days that I pushed myself just to survive or just to get more pay due to OT’s, maybe my performance shown not only for a surviving CSR but an outstanding one. Wow, after those grueling months, one day my TL told me, I’m nominated to be an interim SME with a great chance to be a full time one. 

A week later, I am guiding newbies in the immersion phase. Wow!! First time in my call center life experience that it dawned upon me. But honestly, I did not expect this. I don’t know what my TL was thinking about me. Hmmmm maybe I just want to give my best shot at work so I won’t be bothered by low scores or DAP’s in my files.. I just here to perform and contribute to the team.  Even the team was crumbling and the scores were done, I continued to perform and work. Worked hard to be exact. 

Despite some troubles I faced after I finished training, I kinda just learned the ropes of the account and process then yes, get the brains out of those SME’s which I ended up in the end, same level with them. Not to brag or something, it made my job a bit easier and fast…

I admit I really did not expect this because my scores in December were bad that I only passed one metric, my FCR7. NPS also good but not enough to pass their high NPS passing score. And yeah, when January came, I’m just thinking when can I get out. 

However, all of the sudden, when everything was decided.. I got this role. Wow.. Yes, that’s really a wow for me. Awesome!!! I thought about it when I was in training and just looking at them how they do the job and role.. I never like applied for it especially when you have those so-so stats. But when I started to teach those newbies some tricks and tips, I felt I can do this for some time right? 

Running across the floor and go to somebody who is asking for help. Approving credits. Giving BOH access.. Advising this and that for instructions. Approving Trouble Tickets. Joining with other SME’s and chatting each other.. Greeted by OM’s or other TL’s, even surprised other TL’s who were just my TL in training months ago! 

Yeah, they were surprised, even my few batchmates left with me.. I also got myself that shocked that I’m doing this. That’s how unexpected I am for this position. I’m grateful to him that although, I’ll be in a different path soon.. My last days are spent some in this kind of position. 
Making sure all CSR’s are calibrated on how we deal our customers and how we make sure, they don’t freaking call us back!!!!

Yes, soon.. Even my future is kinda promising here, a lot of positions available.. Then add the other office or in house positions available.. Then I heard a gossip that I might be promoted without going into a gruesome interview.. 

I need to go away. Let’s say.. Finishing and putting an end to a career that saved me for the past decade. Yes, I know it’s hard but like they say..
I need to get out to this freaking comfort zone.. 

Oh I’ll just go to an agent who is raising her hand!!! Wait!!!! 


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