A year of Jdrama

Yes, after starting to watch these dramas last year, it continued until this moment. It means, this won’t stop. hehe Right now, while I’m writing this, I’m watching episode 86 of Welkame which I found it, interesting, a study why this asadora was the lowest rated in the history of Asadora. More of that later. hahaha 

I was not only focused in the current ones but also the old jdramas and yes, kinda addicted into. I should kinda control myself watching these things at weekdays. I should learn Japanese at the same time watching these episodes, especially I also watch the RAW ones, without substitles. If next year, I will have this a yearly thing. I don’t know, despite with Kdramas and worse, the chinese dramas, Jdramas still has an impact. Great impact to me, liking Japan more despite not watching animes or I watched less Eiga this year. It became to a point and I felt, damn.. I wanna go to Japan soon! I discovered a lot from streaming sites into yes, the source of it! hahahaha

To cap this year, it was not a good year of Jdrama, especially Fuji TV’s declined quality of dramas in one season. Geez. But anyway, despite of not having a good year, it was not all bad, it was still a good year to watch jdrama. Looking forward for next year! for the usual jdrama, it’s 45 mins or 1 hour depending in the drama itself. Short ones where almost 24 mins and now, a shorter one, 19 mins but around 4 episodes only to finish the series.

By the awards below, I’m kinda incorrect because I did not watch all and I might judged it due to my preference. hehe

Worst Jdrama: HEAT – I was choosing between this one and Tatakau Shoten Girl! but I did finish Tatakau and it has a litte bit of sense than HEAT. HEAT has just weird plot and predictable and acting just bad despite that big cast. I felt sorry for that cast.

Best short drama: Okanashi No Ie – I almost chose Fuben no Benriya or Transit Girls, but I love the acting of Odagiri and Ono in this series. I’m thinking this can be done as a good japanese flick but despite some big flaws, the feel and the dramatic scenes worked plus a very talented small cast.

Worst short drama: Hatsumori Bemars – Honestly, I love the idea and the style of it but having untalented Nogizaka46 acting for a series, I kinda rushed watching this one and waited for the last episode. Interesting though, in that group, they have future great looking individual idols. hehehe That’s the only reason I kinda stayed through. Acting was so bad, I just laughed even in the dramatic scenes. They need training!

Best very short drama:  Ramen Daisuki Koizumi san – TV networks due to competition, population and yes, even audience taste, made these kind of series, 19 minutes per episode in span of 4 episodes to finish the series. I almost chose She but Hayami Akari’s presence kinda mesmerized me and yes, I want to eat those Ramen shown in the jdrama. There was a time that one episode rated higher than HEAT. hahaha It shows that Fuji TV made better shows at the late times than primetime.

Most polarizing jdrama: Marumaru Tsuma – I don’t know about what I felt in this drama despite great acting especially of Shibasaki Kou and Higashiyama Noriyuki, but the plot was kinda confusing until it ends. It was sad and very unfulfilling.

Disappointing jdrama: Dr. Rintaro – I almost chose Koinaka but this one, despite a great, I mean best cast in a jdrama this year, it’s just, I always get asleep while watching an episode. Blame it to the very slow pace and Rintaro sensei’s character, was really slow and boring. It picked up only at the last but never bothered to really finish it. I had high hopes especially with that big cast.

Classic jdrama of the year: Dragonzakura – I did watch a lot of jdramas this year especially with the old ones,  and it’s unfair if I put Amachan for this one because of the number of episodes. hehe But this one stands out, with the great cast, heartwarming story and fun/crazy episodes. My choices where SPEC 2, Sailor girl with a Machine Girl, Wakanomotachi, Border, Shinya Shokudo, River’s Edge, and others.. haha

Worst actress: Watanabe Mayu –  Hmmmm hard to choose, I almost chose Maeda Atsuko or Honda Tsubasa, but this one stand out due to looks she had in Tatakau Shoten Girl and frozen acting. hehe I did like her in that series which she was old but working as an idol but for this one, she can’t bring one series by her alone yet.

Worst actor: AKIRA – well, blame the character, his acting and the plot of HEAT. That’s it. hehehe

Surprising jdrama: AKAGI – Darn, I did not imagine a mahjong game that was suspenseful, intriguing and deadly. Thanks to the minimized cast, setting, and plot! Great performances were also present.

Best actor: Sato Takeru – I can’t believe he’s not only good looking and only stuck with his Kenshin character but was able to deliver in Tenno no Ryoriban. He was able to demonstrate he can act well into his character and matured. I hope he’ll continue this in the future or in films! I chose him over Kimura Takuya and Abe Hiroshi.

Missed jdrama: Panic in! Darn, as I discovered Makita Sports is a good actor/comedian, he has his own jdrama! Great plot and fun one, I tried to search this but I failed.. Damn!!!

Best Actress: Shibasaki Kou – This one was hard to choose despite she did not win any this year in Jdrama awards. Her performance was great and not bad as a first time to lead a jdrama. Even her character and story, very confusing and unpredictable. I chose over Anne in Date as she had fun doing the character but I felt she could have done more, and Kimura Fumino due to numerous dramas she has this year. My favorite of her was Ishi no Mayu. Oh yes, I forgot Oshima Yuko (AKB48) in Yamegoku! She can act and fight! hehe Ah, I almost forgot Nakatani Miki.

great jdramas this year:
5. Shitamachi Rocket
4. Ghostwriter
2. I’m Home
1. Tenno no Ryoriban

Best jdrama: Tenno no Ryoriban – even the last episodes were kinda fast, the build up and the dramatic scenes were great. I love the scenes when Sato’s character training very hard to become a chef and perservered until the end. He’s kinda sweet and loving to his wife until her death and award from the emperor which he offered to her. All the other characters also contributed especially Suzuki Ryohei’s character and of course, Kuroki Haru. Ah yes, I’m Home! I like the plot and the suspense of the main character until it unfolds in the end..

Weirdest drama: Mako Senpai – Hands down, the weirdest drama I’ve watched this year. There were a lot, even Hatsumori Bemars was weird or AKAGI, but this one.. The poster says at all. hahaha Jdrama about horse racing?

Whew, I’m thinking next year not only be interesting but the list I’ve written today, might be longer as well. hahaha I’ll definitely watch more new and old..


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