jdrama: Somato Kabushikigaisha

As it has a long title but I’ll try to make this review short. Even this drama was only 10 episodes long and each episode has like 30 mins, and even the opening of each episode was kinda a record, 10 seconds! All of these still made an impact to me. Oh the title means, Revolving Lantern Corporation.

There is a saying that before you die, you’ll see images/events happened in your life. It’s like a revolving lantern flashing those images through. Incidentally, I just checked this in dramanice then I said to myself, I’ll just check one episode. At the end of the day, I finished the whole series! Another great series that shows in a midnight slot in Japan.

There were two things that I hope they improved on or somewhat, flaws. First thing, I hope there were more episodes or at least season two.. Even those episodes or another season won’t explain the answers that the viewer’s have. 10 episodes are really just short. Another flaw or improvement, I know it’s not really a big deal, I hope they used a different end song. I felt that it was not appropriate for the mystery jdrama like this. I know there were other flaws but I can say, you can let it go as it helps in this great jdrama.

First thing I loved was all the episodes, felt that mystery vibe all over it then add the suspense in some of the episodes.. They were executed correctly. Great examples that episode which a guy got hurt and almost forgot who he is, then every scene uncovering who he was and what he did, it was great suspense, add to that another character in that episode who changed him. Another episode that has that mystery and suspense plus horror, the first episode! That was like, it can be made to a film. Another thing I loved about the series, all of the episodes, if they can extend the time of each episode can be a film series. Or have the 3 episodes, then the last part will uncover Kaminuma’s identity. Each episode despite short time and budget, very presented well. Third thing I loved this series, of course, the most consistent character in the series and star.. Kaminuma! I was surprised that this was Kashii Yu’s first lead in a jdrama series. Although what’s suprising was she’s kinda fat at that series. I thought that year she just gave birth I suppose. But despite that figure, that’s Kashii Yu, very beautiful. I love her emotionless character and how she looks. Very mysterious and let’s say deadly. Despite saying the same lines in all the episodes, the role really fits her and indeed, I hope this series was translated into a film.

Last thing I loved, the 2 main questions that you’ll ask to yourself.. The sci fi factor of the series. Who is Kaminuma? Is she like human or whatever? How she end up working in this company? How the hell the company were able to collect or record everybody’s lives? Is it a divine thing or they were able to invent something we don’t know? Weird questions but since this was translated from a manga, I’ll see if I can read one in the future. Cheating!!! Oh another question, how they were able to set up shop for each customer easily? I mean when a customer pushes in the elevator, it ends up in the same room even the outside setting is way different! There were a lot of questions running in my mind. It’s like you know, makes you think.

Hmmmmm what if, I’m in that situation, which volume or DVD will I watch? Which year and events I want to go back. There are many… Happiness, sadness, terrifying, satisfaction and etc.

Besides, Kaminuma says, “Enjoy watching until your heart’s content”.


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