Well, Dad loved it because of the luscious scenery all throughout the film. For me, I hope I could have used the free ticket to watch Popoy and Basha. hehe I’ll tell you why, it’s not what I hoped for.
Everybody has high expectations for the film, after the very successful Skyfall, they or we expect if not better, a good follow up Bond film. 

After 2 and a half hours, I thought I almost watched a Quantum of Solace part 2. The better version of it yet a lot of lack. First miss of the film, or should I say, the weakest part… The dialogue/plot of this film. I mean, I hope the plot is at least half good of Skyfall or Casino Royale but it seems they rushed it. After Sam Mendes declared first that he’ll back out of this film then changed mind, that affected this film. I’m not 100% correct but I felt that swift decision to go back did not help. Next time, producers shouldn’t insist if the director doesn’t want to do it again. It’s like I’m watching Moonraker or Octopussy in a more visually appealing way.

Another major flaw, Short times. Short time that menacing Batista screen time. Christoph Waltz as a major villain, even he done his best to act out, but I felt he came short. Short time for Belucci which it shouldn’t be. hehe Short time for a marvelous aston martin car, one of the great looking cars shown in a bond film or any film. So, for short. They fell short.

Enough of the short.. Third flaw, or last flaw, the last arc of the film, although it’s good looking, I fell flat. I mean, I felt that when they went to this place, I knew I’m going to watch those Bond films like I mentioned above, the streotype bond flick that he visits the villain’s HQ and bomb the place. Jeez, I knew it right. Even with good actors and effects, it became predictable and yes, until the last action scene, became Mission Impossible. Good job!

Of course, these are the factors why this film kinda saved it from being Quantum, by an inch. First, give credit to the editor and photographer who really made this film very fun to watch. The night chase, the first action scene and the film did not give me a feeling that is dragging. Although with the biggest flaws, the editing and photography, it’s a saving grace. It’s nice to watch this film. Another credit goes to the technically possible action scenes. You’ll see why Daniel Craig kinda want to give up his role. Geez, he done a lot of action and running and driving and swimming. hahaha Swimming to ehem. Anyway, yeah the action scenes were great, like the one on one by bond and assassin. That was tight and good.

Lastly, the cast ensembled for this film, despite the big flaws, they still done a wonderful job to make this film enjoy to watch unlike Quantum. Christoph Waltz is a great actor, I hope and I know he might be back because of what happened to him. I hope next time, he’ll be back better for his character. I love how he deliver the lines and how he shows up every scene, except for that last scene.
Ralph Fiennes is good, Naomi Harris this time has a short part but still good, fit as moneypenny. Batista’s character I hoped that will show up at the final action scene. hehe Ben as Q, he got it, just don’t change the dude, he’s perfect for Q! I mean the main MI 6 characters really fit for their roles.
Of course, Daniel Craig who despite less dramatic scenes this time, but he pushed a lot of action scenes for the whole film. Most of his scenes made sense and some of the time, it’s thrilling, like the first scene. It’s sad that how this film was made, it looks like and feels that indeed, Daniel made this film, as his final Bond film. I hope he’ll do another one, just last one. But if not, that’s fine, I’ll put him in top 3 as James Bond.

Lastly, the most important part… When the news broke out that Belucci and Seydoux will be one bond film, the first thing I said, Daniel Craig is the luckiest James Bond actor ever. I mean he got all the beautiful bond girls ever! He beat the crap out of Roger Moore and Sean Connery. Geez. Monica Belucci should have been a bond girl before but well, great thing she catched the last bus for being one. hahaha What a legendary beauty.

Then you add Lea Seydoux who I can say, helped the film moving forward, looks stunning especially in that grey dress she wore. She looked like those classy women in black and white films. Very sophisticated and beautiful with those blue eyes. Another great thing, neither of them did not die! Good thing indeed. One of the best bond girls assembled in a bond film.

I should stop right there. hehe Anyway, hmmmm after this film, I don’t know what they will do again for James Bond. Strong speculations they may go to a black Bond or very young Bond. I mean Casino Royale is enough for a backstory right?

If I’m the writer or director for Bond, I want Bond to be in a die hard situation. You know like he’s doing a mission but he end up like doing other mission because of the situation. I don’t know if they done that but that will be interesting. A young Bond will be fine as well. Black Bond, hmmm I don’t see Bond as black, not because of the race, but he might end up like Black Dynamite. hahaha
Well, kudos for Daniel Craig for giving us a great montage of present Bond.

By the way, that dude who said this film is a different beast to Skyfall. It is a different beast.

An ugly beast.

Great thing, I have a free ticket for this film. 250 bucks was quite much for this film.


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