Boruto: Naruto the movie

I haven’t watched a naruto episode after well, naruto shippudden, so many years ago. I like the series but what turned me off at that time was the long battle sequences and it’s turning like DBZ syndrome. Too long and exhausting. Except for one piece! hehehe

However, years later and after that news finally the series has ended. I kinda decided to look back and see what happened to this series. Most surprisingly, it released two more anime films! I saw the Naruto the last movie, but only some snippets. I can say, that’s the Naruto I want to be, more serious and light fun and also, direct to the point story.

Now at this new movie, I gave this a chance for two reasons alone. First, half the price discount! I love the epass movie card. hehe Another thing, I’m interested in the new story, like the new generation of ninjas in the story like the titular character above.

Four things I love this anime, first the film was made for the fans. I was kinda surprised with the reception of the fans roaring, especially at those big fight scenes of Naruto and Sasuke. That reaction alone shows how they love the film. I also like they simplify the story, although I want to see what happened to other characters.. The film moved forward and focus in the new blood.

Second thing, I loved how the older characters matured like Naruto and others. I’m surprised that the love teams from the start of Naruto really end up as couples. I am smiling at Naruto’s character that he’s serious than ever and of course stronger. Sasuke despite that cool one handed ninja stance, he kept that personality and became of course friends and becoming a teacher now. Other characters, got older but likeable. I wish the other characters showed up like the old Hokages. I love the new characters, and they are scary stronger. I know Boruto is really strong, especially on what he shown here but I’m interested with Sarada. She is smarter and thinks ahead plus the combination of her parents skills. Damn.. That’s one of hell lady!

Third thing, the animation here although not very detailed but it was clean and not rushed. It’s consistent all through out the film and the big fight scenes, rocks! Damn because of those fight scenes, I want to start and finish Naruto. hehe

Last thing, the future of the story. I mean, with the great kids shown up in this film, the creator can easily think of great stories about it moving forward! He can do a love story between Sarada and Boruto in the future or how Boruto grows to be like his father. I can say that Boruto will be stronger but he’ll not be like a hokage because simply he doesn’t want to. This storyline has a lot of great potential to be a hit again but since the creator wants to take a rest.. Then, he needs to rest. hehe

Two minor flaws, one is the villain which I hope they created a different villain. Absorbing the techniques and just throwing back? I think the creator kinda rushed creating the villains for this film.

One more thing, I hope it shows more screen time how Naruto taking care his family until Boruto grows up in this film. I know that gap can be skipped but if they inserted that part in a gist or alot some time to it, then this film will be memorable. I mean it’s a waste that Hinata speak less in this film as a great mom. She’s known to be quiet and in this film, spoke some lines so it’s sad and it’s interesting how Naruto’s own family to become like that.

I hope that gap have added in this film, at least 15-20 mins.

This film serves a great foundation for future series or films on what they are planning. It’s evident that if they push through with this arc, then it’s a great start to have Naruto’s presence and story end.

His story ends and a great story starts, that will be under Boruto.

Another flaw, Boruto sounds like food. Burrito! hehe Damn, he should have a different name!

Hmmmm like Danda Rin! hahaha Kidding. Sorry, I just watched that insane jdrama. I can’t stop thinking that series, don’t know why. Anyway..

Boruto is both nice and scary name.


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